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LIVE AT FIVE (CDT) – 03.29.12

Posted on | March 29, 2012 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Supremes: Is ObamaCare All Or Nothing?

Paul Clement, attorney for the 26 states suing to strike down PPACA

Justices wrestling with question of whether declaring mandate unconstitutional takes out all of Obamacare

Secretary General Pushes Syria Plan In Baghdad
Meets regional leaders at Arab League summit

Pope Benedict Calls For More Freedom In Cuba
Calls for end to US embargo as well

Poll: Santorum Losing Ground To Romney In Pennsylvania

Rick Santorum signs a supporter's shirt in Sparta, Wisconsin

Lead shrinks to 30-28

Romney Goes On Leno, Cracks Wise (Just A Little)

Rubio Endorses Romney, Bush The Elder To Endorse Today

NYPD Sued Over Patrols Inside Apartment Buildings

Rep. Bobby Rush Makes Pointless & Stupid Gesture, Is Escorted Off Floor Of House

VP Biden Attacks Romney On Taxes, Outsourcing

California School Board Rejects Parent Takeover Bid

House Kills Bipartisan Budget And White House Budget Proposal As Well

Oil Trades Near One-Week Low On Stockpile Surge, Talk Of Reserve Release
US Stocks Pull Back For Fifth Day In Seven
Vegans Whine To Starbucks About Food Coloring In Frappachinos
Treasuries Stay Lower Before $29 Billion 7-Year Auction
Foxconn Buys Into Sharp
US Durable Goods Orders Up 2.2%
Hasidic High School Tells Students To Get Off Facebook Or Get Kicked Out Of School
AT&T Promises Biggest Launch Ever For Lumia 900 WinPhone
Apple CEO Visits Foxconn Plant In PRC
iPad Mini To Take On Samsung Note?
House Kills Facebook Password Protection Amendment

Ailing Knicks Clobber Magic

Carmelo Anthony scores 25

Knicks climb above .500 for first time since January, rout Magic 108-86 without injured Stoudemire, Lin

Flaming Out: Calgary Close To Elimination After 3-0 Loss To Kings

Don Nelson Gets The Call To NBA Hall Of Fame

Luol Deng Scores 22 As Bulls Dominate Hawks

Rangers Rally To Complete Season Sweep Of Jets

Ryder Lifts Stars Over Oilers In 3-1 Win

NFL Owners Extend Playoff OT Rules To Regular Season

Smith To Make Changes To Bristol Track After Taking Input From Fans

Nationals Roster: Still Under Construction

Xavier Nady In The Mix For Nationals

Peter Facinelli Files For Divorce

Jennie Garth and s2bx hubby Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth: I Tried To Save Our Marriage

Megan Fox Pregnant With First Child

Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana Split Up

Rihanna Scotches Ashton Kutcher Romance Rumors

Martina Navratilova First To Get The Boot From DWTS

Amandla Stenberg Responds To Racist “Hunger Games” Tweet Kerfluffle

Will Ferrell To Return For “Anchorman 2”

Peter Cook Returns Ex Christie Brinkley’s Fire

Spanish General Strike Tests Tolerance For Austerity, Reforms
Turkey Seeks To Seal Preferred-Trade Deal With Iran
PRC: Nork Rocket Launch “Inappropriate”
Mali: ECOWAS Threatens Force
Israeli Borders On High Alert For “Global March To Jerusalem”
Strauss-Kahn Called Women “Luggage” In Texts Planning Sex Parties
Pakistan: A Summit Of Generals
Sikh Activists Protest As Gutless Government Defers Killer’s Hanging
Japan Executes First Three Convicts Since 2010

Ed Driscoll: Couple Who Fled Home After Spike Lee Tweet Hire Law Firm
Legal Insurrection: Sourcing Narrative “Facts” In The Martin case
Sister Toldjah: Teachable Moment – Rep. Bobby Rush, Other Legislators Wear Trayvon Hoodies
Protein Wisdom: A Brief Aside, For Those Who Are Going Weak In The Knees Re The Trayvon Martin Political Theater
Washington Free Beacon: Scalia Likens Reading Obamacare Act To “Cruel And Unusual Punishment”
Ramesh Ponnuru: Lithwick’s Clouded Vision Of The Court
Powerline: Sense And Severability
Weasel Zippers: Marco Rubio Endorses Romney
Via Meadia: More Attacks On Jews In France
Jawa Report: Toulouse Terrorist’s Father Threatens To Sue France


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  1. Cartoon of the day « Don Surber
    March 29th, 2012 @ 11:45 am

    […] The Other McCain. […]

  2. sheryl
    March 29th, 2012 @ 9:28 pm

    Rick is losing ground in PA primarily because Mitt Romney is a snake. It will take everything I have (along with some alcohol) to walk into my polling place and pull the lever for him in November should I be forced to. There is no way I can ever influence my circle to vote for Romney…McCain was hard enough to convince people, and at least he is better than Romney.