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LIVE AT FIVE: 07.09.12

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

President To Seek Partial Extension Of Tax Cuts

Wants cuts to expire on January 1 for taxpayers earning more than $250K

Groups Urge Scott Brown To Back Obamacare
Coalition made up of people who probably won’t vote for him anyway

Mysterious Cambodian Deaths Tied To Common Childhood Illness
Hand, foot and mouth disease strain to blame for 50+ child deaths

Can Tammy Baldwin Snap Wisconsin Democrats’ Losing Streak?

WaPo buries answer deep on page 2 of article: probably not

Romney Adds $3 Million To War Chest With Sweep Through Hamptons

Republicans Claim DOJ Using Tainted Data In Texas Voter ID Law Showdown

Can IRS Police Both Taxes And Obamacare?

Deval Patrick Mentioned As Holder Replacement

Is Libertarianism Back?

Iowa Secretary Of State Reveals Democrat Operative’s Frame Attempt

NAACP Pledges To Overcome Voter ID Laws

Scranton Defies Injunction, Pays Employees Minimum Wage

North Sea Oil Surges On Norway Strike News; NYMEX $84.78; Brent $98.73
Investors Brace For Shaky US Earnings Season
PRC Stocks Drop On Economy, Deflation Concerns
Eurozone Fragmenting Faster Than EU Can Act?
Conservative GOP Giving Big Business A Hard Time In Congress
US Job Report Brings Fed’s Next Move Into Focus
US Drought Threatens To Fuel Food Inflation
Domain Name Changing Malware Unlikely To Have Much Impact
Former Nokia Employees To Revive Meego Kills APIs And Klik Three Weeks After Facebook Acquisition
Mini iPad, New Kindle Fire May Arrive By Holidays
Samsung Plans To Launch Windows RT Tablet

Jones Powers Yankees Past Red Sox

Andruw Jones hits fourth homer in three days to put Yankees ahead 7-3 after Teixeira’s big night on Friday

Versatility The Hallmark Of Team USA’s Hoops Squad

Lightning Strikes Late For Kinsler, Rangers Against Twins

Nyets, Cavs, Magic In Talks For Three-Team Howard Deal

Lidstrom To Stay With Wings In Front-Office Role

Pittsburgh Hot, Even In Futures Game

Nationals Bullpen Unexpectedly Fails; Loses Game And Series To Rockies

Ernest Borgnine Dies, 95

Ernest Borgnine, 1917-2012, RIP

Oscar-winning star of From Here To Eternity, Marty, and McHale’s Navy dead of kidney failure. “You gotta go to work” was his motto

Usher’s Stepson Declared Brain Dead After Jet Ski Accident

Sienna Miller, Fiance Welcome First Baby

Katie Holmes Determined To Keep Full Custody Of Suri
Related: Co$ urges members to “fight back” after horrible week

Exciting! Lily Allen’s Having Another Baby!

Mothers Who Breastfeed Older Children To Be Subject Of New Reality Show

Blake Lively, Salma Hayek Form Fierce Bond Over “Savages”

Egypt’s President Reconvenes Dissolved Parliament
Annan Starts Talks With Assad In Damascus
Russian Flood Deaths Top 170; Putin Orders Inquiry
Samaras’ Coalition Wins Vote Of Confidence Before Euro Talks
Election Results In Libya: Breaking Islamist Wave?
Curfew Imposed In Central Nigeria After Weekend Massacres
Karzai Says Donors Must Help Fight Afghan Graft
South Sudanese Migrants Subdued On First Anniversary Of Nation’s Freedom
Six Injured At Annual Running Of The Bulls In Pamplona
France, Germany Mark 50 Years Of Peace
Thousands Protest Alleged Fraud In Mexican Presidential Election

Power Line: Anti-Romney/Koch Demonstration Epic Failure
Legal Insurrection: Why Are People Panicking?
Weasel Zippers: Wassermann-Schultz Says Romney “Most Extreme” On Immigration
Breitbart: LA Jewish Federation Enforces Sharia
Volokh Conspiracy: The SCOTUS Leaks Continue
Jammie Wearing Fools: Man Who Introduced Obama At Ohio Rally Owes $500K To Former Employer
Hogewash: This Isn’t Just Coincidence
Mark Krikorian: Knowing What Ain’t So
Sacred Monkeys: Jeremiah Wright Accuses America’s Elite Colleges Of Infecting Blacks With “White Racist DNA”
Lonely Conservative: GM Notches Big Increase In Sales After Fed Fleet Purchases


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