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U.S. Women’s Water Polo Team Wins Gold Medal With Five Goals From Maggie Steffens and Support From This Blog

Posted on | August 10, 2012 | 12 Comments

Mainly it was Maggie Steffens, of course:

The 19-year-old Steffens on Thursday capped a stunning two-week performance in London, scoring five goals to power the U.S. past Spain 8-5 and give the Americans their first ever Olympic women’s water polo title. . . .
[A]fter a tight first quarter in the final, it was the U.S. defense, with goalkeeper Betsey Armstrong batting away shots and defenders swarming Spain’s shooters, that turned the game in the Americans’ favor.
“We got some momentum there defensively, and once we get some momentum defensively, oh man, it’s tough to get the ball past us,” [U.S. coach Adam] Krikorian said.

I’m going to give credit for that “swarming” U.S. defense to my favorite player, Melissa Seidemann. Because I can, that’s why.



12 Responses to “U.S. Women’s Water Polo Team Wins Gold Medal With Five Goals From Maggie Steffens and Support From This Blog”

  1. JeffS
    August 10th, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

    Yay!  Not only does America have another gold medal, this is yet another avenue for Rule 5 action.

  2. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    August 10th, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    Never miss a Rule 5 opportunity!  And let’s place credit where credit is due for this victory.   The quick eye and brilliance of Bob Belvedere brought water polo to the attention of us all.  Stacy of course recognized the genius of Bob’s post immediately!  

  3. Quartermaster
    August 10th, 2012 @ 12:59 pm

    If you write the article, then you can say what you want. The Libtard “reporters” do it all the time, so why can’t you?

  4. Adjoran
    August 10th, 2012 @ 2:25 pm

    Under the category, “Phrases You Will Never Hear,” the winner is, “Gee, wasn’t that an exciting water polo match?”

  5. richard mcenroe
    August 10th, 2012 @ 2:59 pm

    No offense Stacy, but with your back if you tried to support Maggie they’d be picking your crumpled mass out of the pool filter.

  6. jwallin
    August 10th, 2012 @ 4:05 pm

    Sorry, but I think this administration is the symptom not the disease.

    The corrupt and morally bankrupt enfotainment industry has been working and working to bring the US down to the level they believe it deserves. (which is to say worse than them. Since they’re scum and degenerates, it’s been a long road.)

    The education (I use that term loosely) system has been making our citizens dumber while raiding the nation’s pockets for more pay for 40 years. Higher education has spent the last 60 years denigrating and deconstructing the US’ ideals and practices around the world in war and peace so that the rest of the world doesn’t feel shamed by their acts of degradation and villainy for personal gain.

    We have repeatedly put liars, cheats and thieves in office because we thought they’d lie and cheat and steal for our particular locale, state and then get upset when they only do so for themselves and their buddies.

    We have a President who couldn’t pass a confidential level government screening due to his lies and refusal to reveal his records and his dubious ID and Birth Certificate.

    Now we’re about to elect a good man, a moral man to the office but he hasn’t the fortitude, the leadership nor a following to stand and accuse these miscreants in DC of their obvious bad deeds let alone stand righteously and see them condemned, tried and punished and then reverse every one of their suspect laws and regulations just on basic principals.

     Romney’s election will only delay the inevitable. Neither he nor the Republican party has the courage to do what needs to be done and said to right this ship of state before a squal causes it to founder and sink.

    Do we really expect things to change under these conditions?

  7. Quartermaster
    August 10th, 2012 @ 5:57 pm

    The whole thing boils down to 2 causes. 1. The country has not just forgotten God, they have turned on Him. 2. The moral collapse of the country which is a direct result of number 1.

  8. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    August 10th, 2012 @ 7:39 pm

    Wasn’t this thread about water polo?  

  9. Adjoran
    August 10th, 2012 @ 11:47 pm

     Never interrupt a good rant.

  10. Bob Belvedere
    August 11th, 2012 @ 12:02 am

    Using WordPress stats…

    -My post on the American Water Polo team has had 90,300 views since I published it on 30 July.

    -My posting of a pic of the American Women’s Volleyball Team has received 17,595 since 28 July.


  11. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    August 11th, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    Sorry.  Carry on!  

  12. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    August 11th, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

    The people have spoken.  Although both are mighty fine posts!