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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Obama Throws Red China Under The Bus

Obama brags about WTO suit to Ohio voters

Meanwhile, Romney tries to reassure easily-panicked Republicans; press all jumping on “victims” remark

War Anniversary Fuels Anti-Japan Protests In PRC
Many Japanese businesses shuttered

Joe Biden Mocks Mitt Romney For Using Democrats’ Definition Of “Middle Class”
Chalk another one up for ol’ Joe

More Than 100 Arrested In NYC #Occupy Protests

Occupooper busted by NYPD

Lots of protest actions announced, little word on turnout…hmmmm.

Ex-Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark) Now Working For Pro-Business NFIB

Crazy Cousin John: Elizabeth Warren Indian Claims “Bizarre”

Media Whines About Newsweek’s “Islamic Rage” Cover

Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Family Calls For “Accountability” On Fast & Furious

Biden, Ryan Swap Attacks In Battleground Iowa

Chicago Court Delays Emanuel’s Bid To Force Teachers Back To Work

Former EPA Administrator, Conservationist Russell Train Dies

Political Fears May Factor Into Administration’s Version Of Libya Events, Analysts Say

Rapid Plunge In Oil Prices Leaves Traders Guessing: NYMEX $96.62, Brent $113.79
Fed Launches Open-Ended QE3, Wall Street Goes Wild
Hesitant Spain Puts Euro, Share Rally Into Reverse
Stocks Snap Four-Day Rally
Customer Complaints Jump Again For United
AMD Investors Spooked By CFO Exit
Treasury Resists GM Call To Sell Stake
Waste Company Bets $1.3 Million On Fracturing Cleanup
Clearwire Shares Fall As Time Warner Cable Bails
iRobot’s Roomba Turns 10
Zynga Buys A Bit LuckyTo Roll Out More Complex Games
Flame Espionage Software Linked To More Mystery Malware
LG Launches New Flagship Smartphone
German Federal Office Of Information Security Warns Of Internet Explorer Security Problem
Kickstarter Vaporware Of The Day, Lifx Edition
“Fallout” Creators Obsidian Unveil “Project Eternity”

Peyton Manning Rusty After All

Broncos QB Peyton Manning

Three interceptions open door for Falcons 27-21 win

Giants Edge Rockies, 2-1; Extend NL West Lead

NFL Officiating Sinks To New Lows

White Sox Top Tigers 5-4, Add To AL  Central Lead

Phillies Deny Dickey 19th Win, Beat Mets 3-1

Orioles Thrash Mariners 10-4, Gain Ground On Yankees

No Progress In Day 2 Of NHL Lockout

Ellsbury, BoSox Beat Sinking Rays 5-2

AHL Ready To Reap Benefits Of Lockout If NHL Doesn’t Settle

Usher, Shakira To Replace Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera On “The Voice”

Usher & Shakira

Aguilera going to use now-copious free time to go on tour for new album

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Take A Mini-Honeymoon In Virginia

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White Busted For Public Drunkenness, Trashing Hotel Room

Reese Witherspoon Lists Ojai Estate For $10 Million

Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey Already At Each Others’ Throats

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy Out On The Weekend

John Ingle Of “General Hospital” Dies At 84

Fans Score At Yankees Stadium

The CW Is Looking For Another “Buffy” With “Embrace”

Poise And Passion: Keira Knightley On The Cover Of “Vogue”

Suicide Bomber Kills 12 Foreigners Near Kabul
Wang Lijun Escapes Death Sentence; Praised By PRC Court For Cooperation
Pakistan PM Ashraf Given Extension By Court
Aung San Suu Kyi to Meet SecState Clinton
French Prosecutor Opens Preliminary Criminal Investigation Into Publication of Topless Kate Pix
US, Libya Differ On Accounts Of Benghazi Attack
Sanctions Reach Only So Far In Syria
Nigerian Army Bags Two Boko Harma Jihadis At Checkpoint

WyBlog: YTDAW – Atlantic City Sets Up Electric Car Charging Stations In Flood-Prone Parking Garage
Modicum Of Insanity: Obama Aims New Campaign At College Students
NRO Corner: How Romney Should Respond
Reihan Salam: Makers, Takers, Taxpayers, Etc.
Lonely Conservative: Who Paid $50K To Record Mitt Romney At A Private Fundraiser?
Jawa Report: As Rage Erupts On Internet Against Fugitive Filmmaker, Obama Campaign Hastens To Change Subject
Legal Insurrection: About That Romney Tape
Atlas Shrugs: Meanwhile, Violent Muslim Rioting Continues
Gateway Pundit: In Lebanon, 500K Hezbollah Fanatics Chant “Death To America”
Neil Munro: Press Ignores Complete Meltdown Of Obama’s Muslim Outreach
Power Line: Obama Is On The Case
Maggie’s Notebook: Egyptian Salafist Imam Issues Fatwa Against Cast & Crew Of “Innocence Of Muslims” Film
Right Scoop: Intel Sources Conflict With Administration’s Pravda On Libya Attacks
Jihad Watch: Muslims, Media Dhimmis Enraged By Newsweek’s “Muslim Rage” Cover
Weasel Zippers: US Military Suspends Joint Patrols With Afghans
Pat Dollard: Obama To Apologize For Movie By Freeing Blind Sheik?
Da Tech Guy: Demoralized As Hell – The Poll The Media Isn’t Talking About

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    Who names their daughter “Blake”?

  2. Wombat_socho
    September 18th, 2012 @ 12:17 pm

    Mr. & Mrs. Lively, apparently.