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‘Tidy’ and Other Rauhauser Signatures

Posted on | November 23, 2012 | 11 Comments

Neal Rauhauser was a speaker at the 2010 Netroots Nation conference

Everybody has writing habits, and people tend to develop a recognizable style. For example, some people have trouble distinguishing “it’s” (contraction of it is) from “its” (possessive of it) or “you’re”/”your,” and repeated errors of that kind become a sort of fingerprint by which one can recognize their writing. Jack Cashill famously exposed Bill Ayers as the ghostwriter of Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father by comparing the literary style to Ayers’s Fugitive Days.

This is how it is possible to state as a fact that it was Neal Rauhauser who, behind the pseudonym “Carlito2000,” was feeding disinformation to former Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown in the days before Brown was arrested for threatening an FBI agent. In transcripts of an online chat posted by Brown on Sept. 10 — just two days before his arrest — “Carlito2000” told Brown:

Jen Emick & William Welna getting cornholed by #treehouse on … logs posted by Bitchiest aka Kelly Hallisey … ringleaders there are Bratty (Kelly), Render64 (her man), Pythorian, girlfriday, DingoLingo & humu … Emick has been circulating among right wingers for a while now … Approached by @ZAPEM, tentatively Michele Lessick a while ago. Very likely was working with @Liberty_Chick (Mandy Nagy) and @dmatthewstewart (Douglas Matthew Stewart) in pursuit of Anonymous … they hassle @AnonyOps, @AnonyNewsNet, claiming they are Neal Rauhauser, and otherwise act stupid … Emick has appeared just once as “Cream” on @BrooksBayne site, as secret source on Rauhauser … there is a huge split there – Darby/Stranahan get crosswise with Bayne, nasty civil war stared a month ago … nachash (@doxbin) release big torrent on @Sanguinarious (Welna) and there was a Jen Emick funpack … funpack contains a doc about pursuit of Brett Kimberlin, straight out of HBGary playbook, and it was NOT in the initial dump UGnazi took from Emick … source is believed to be Tom Ryan, canna go into details on how we sorted that out … So, its in Emicks’s directory but the writing ain’t her or ZAPEM, seems very much to be @Liberty_Chick style … So, its in Emicks’s directory but the writing ain’t her or ZAPEM, seems very much to be @Liberty_Chick style … sadly, I am a subject matter expert on this anondrmama … So Darby is under suspicion as being the SWAT caller that triggered #Swatgate … … calls on Mike Stack aka @CryingWolfeBlog 6/23/2011 @Patterico 6/30/2011 @EWErickson on 5/26/2012(?) … and alleged event for @AaronWorthing on 5/29/2012, but no audio has been released … SWAT of Stack was done to cover their tracks – they took out Weiner because he triggered the extortion investigation into former FBI agent turned Congressman Mike Grimm … 2012 calls are due to some stuff with James O’Keefe – Rauhauser appear at some hearing in NJ about him [ @Patterico dox @NadiaNaffe, Rauhauser hooked her up with @LeidermanDevine, epic lawsuit ensued … So New Hampshire state grand jury on O’Keefe, NY federal grand jury on Grimm, D.C. federal grand jury on O’Keefe, and Chicago cybercrime task force wants swatters, they get info on Darby … Darby is FBI snitch from RNC 2008, was involved in making OccupyUnmasked movie, which we are trolling the fuck out of … he was the SWAT caller, we think, and he was implicated in the murder of Palestinian peace activist Riad Haad, in Texas, about six years ago … Stranahan is a dopey former liberal porn guy scam artist who also worked on the movie … Keep in mind Grimm (former FBI) is going down in NY-11, Mike Rogers (former FBI) called for Manning’s execution and he’s from MI-08 … and Coleen Rowley in MN-02 is former FBI turned whistleblower … we want Grimm, Rogers out /w Anon boot print on their asses, and we push Rowley in 🙂 … Frey was 2nd of 4 politicall ymotivated … and that is the best evidence – Darby is a ringer for the swat caller … @OsborneInk did the audio mashup … best jurnos on this mess … @OsborneInk @LiberalGrouch @beezling @BreitbartUnmask @ronbryn (crazy as fuck) … it’s a lot, I know … but we on it non-stop, so if you need clarification we will provide

The boldfaced names highlight subjects of Neal Rauhauser’s conspiracy-theory obsessions. Nobody else but Neal would connect @ZAPEM (who helped expose Rauhauser’s role in the 2010 “TwitterGate” scandal) with James O’Keefe, Brandon Darby, HB Gary, Patrick “Patterico” Frey and Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY). All of these subjects figure in a 1,000-word document Rauhauser sent to government officials in June.

We could pause to wonder why Neal spins these wild conspiracy theories, supposedly connecting a New York congressman with a Los Angeles County deputy D.A. and various bloggers in an ever-expanding cast of characters. It’s like a Hitchcock thriller directed by Cecil B. DeMille, if Hitchcock and DeMille collaborated on the script during a three-week psychedelic drug binge with Oliver Stone.

Whatever method there is to Rauhauser’s madness, however, his writing style is quite distinctive, as alleged mastermind Patterico explains:

“Tidy little package.”
Anyone who has followed Neal Rauhauser for any length of time sees the words “tidy little package” and chuckles — or perhaps laughs out loud, as I just did. You see, Rauhauser loves to use the word “tidy” in connection with compilations of evidence.

There are “more than 9,000” reasons to read the whole thing.



11 Responses to “‘Tidy’ and Other Rauhauser Signatures”

  1. Dianna Deeley
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 5:59 pm

    “It’s like a Hitchcock thriller directed by Cecil B. DeMille, if
    Hitchcock and DeMille collaborated on the script during a
    three-week psychedelic drug binge with Oliver Stone.”

    I like it!

    Is Rauhauser one of those people who spins his delusions faster and farther, the more stressed he gets?

    If so, he must be massively stressed, by now.

  2. ThomasD
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

    The probability that I will use the term likelihood is ginormous.

    Fortunately the chances this tic coming back to haunt me is remote.

  3. robertstacymccain
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 6:52 pm

    We all have tics — as, for example, my tendency to use em-dash interjections — but these are only problematic if (a) they become distracting by repetition, or (b) we’re trying to be anonymous and are foiled by the unconscious use of our trademark style.

  4. RightGirl
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 7:11 pm

    My eyes, my eyes! That picture is just…….GROSS!!

  5. Dianna Deeley
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 7:38 pm

    The smile does rather make one think he’s about to lunge for someone’s throat, and the lank, greasy hair does not inspire confidence.

  6. Harry Jammond
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 8:27 pm

    “We could pause to wonder why Neal spins these wild conspiracy theories, supposedly connecting a New York congressman with a Los Angeles County deputy D.A. and various bloggers in an ever-expanding cast of

    That’s easy. He’s building Google bombs, and his friends in Anonymous are getting them moved to the top of the results charts.

    This guy has whined that Google results with his name have made him virtually unemployable. He wants those results to diminish, and Google results on his enemies from his creepy blog to be top-listed. He’s chafed that his site isn’t yet reaching Google’s upper echelons, even with his tinkering and his Anonymous help. That’s because he’s not being linked by anyone else important…just yet.

    He’s desperately trying to repair his links to the left blogosphere, including Daily KOS. But he is really too nasty even for them (hard to believe, but true).

    He’s like a wounded animal, baring his teeth and charging in every direction he can, hoping to land a bite on his enemies. He is mildly insane, and probably near the edge of bad behavior.

    Needs a health and welfare check, certainly.

  7. jwallin
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 9:50 pm

    I read one of the articles about the so called hacking and shot off an email to the writer explaining that he should be suspect of anything that has velvet revolution in it and why.

    not in the kind of detail that pat or you go into but I steered him to you both and told him to at least do a google search about brett kimberlin and neal rauhauser et al and the lawfare of aaron walker and the swatting of patterico.

    don’t know if he cared or is a willing stooge funneling these kind of stories through DC hoping to get larger media attention.

    I was polite about it but I’ll be watching for anymore from this guy.

  8. Dandapani
    November 23rd, 2012 @ 11:01 pm

    Watch out, Stacy, he’ll be “butt-hurt” for exposing him.

  9. Gap Toof Psycho
    November 24th, 2012 @ 2:54 am

    That picture really explains the “gaped crusader” identity Neal took on.

    I have one question though. In that picture, is his nose pregnant? Or is it just starting to grow cause of all the constant lying?

  10. Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs (Traditions edition) | SENTRY JOURNAL
    November 25th, 2012 @ 12:32 pm

    […] THE OTHER McCAIN: ‘Tidy’ and Other Rauhauser Signatures […]

  11. Alicia
    November 26th, 2012 @ 8:23 am

    To Quote: “Nobody else but Neal would connect @ZAPEM (who helped expose Rauhauser’s role in the 2010 “TwitterGate” scandal) with James O’Keefe, Brandon
    Darby, HB Gary, Patrick “Patterico” Frey and Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY).”

    ZAPEM spoke to only one person a few times online that I know of out of that entire list: Patrick Frey, and I wouldn’t count that fleeting experience as being connected to anything. They have no relationship and NR knows it.

    Along the same lines of NR Nuttery is his latest conspiracy that makes the empty claim that ZAPEM is now Jennifer George. I don’t even know who Jennifer George is, but I asked ZAPEM and guess what? She doesn’t know either. We know Jennifer George has something to do with Weiner, but that’s it. During Weinergate, ZAPEM was playing a game with our friends. That’s right. A simple, online game that those older moms he claims are her too, wouldn’t have the time or interest to be bothered with. I know because I play that game with her and we’ve been friends for over 5 years. I’ve also been accused of being her myself. So has everyone else, but what else is new, right?

    If push ever came to shove, we can prove where she was with logs. ZAPEM left Twitter, along with all the political warring and played a game with our friends. She was not even there for the Anthony Weiner saga. There are emails that prove she was asked to come back and the reason was because Neal Rauhauser maliciously and wrongfully accused Mike Stack of hacking Anthony Weiner’s account and planting the infamous photos in his YFrog account. (The same way he maliciously and wrongfully put ZAPEM on a hit list to intimidate her for defending Greg Howard’s children, and then conveniently tried to turn it around when she rightfully accused him of stalking her.)

    This was confirmed by Mike Stack in our gaming comm channel where we also met Andrew Breitbart because he was being harassed by NR too. But aside from that, the real reason Breitbart was there, was for the NEFARIOUS reason of examining a comm channel he was considering adding to his website.

    So while Neal Rauhauser would love everyone to be believe in his deceitful imagination, the real reason these people are even remotely involved, are due to his lies and constant thirst for victims; a list that grows longer by the day. This man will be the first to take the side of the law when a hacker gets arrested, but he’ll hypocritically be the first to teach them how to break the law. He’ll also be the first to try to hang Michelle out on a noose for standing up for police officers who didn’t deserve to be hacked and doxed for the mere sin of doing their job! In the same breath, he’s on the phone and emailing a truckload of CRAP to the FBI about those he taught his techniques to!

    What’s happening here is that NR is desperately trying to tie ZAPEM into this courtroom love affair he’s having with James O’Keefe and Patrick Frey. He loves shoving her name out there with his empty bag of evidence, (all dozen or so names of random people he’s convinced are her and still doesn’t know, including minors), and gets off on placing it right beside Lee Stranahan’s naked wife having sex with two other people hoping beyond hope someone sees the associations he’s erroneously made. These are the signs of an insane stalker. A stalker who takes pictures of people’s home, where they work, maps out locations, calls people he thinks are relatives, sexually ponders about minors being her and then over the top older ladies!

    Here’s our problem with it that we demand LEO attention about and what I know of the facts: NR picked up an FBI Agent’s name from a hacked email account and used that name to make contact to deliberately poison their minds with the same erroneous claims he makes daily on the internet. But he’s been doing more than just that. He’s been pulling in his friends as klout to sing in their ears too and we have proof; a lot of it, too! And he’s also been lying to other government officials. From June, 2012 until just recently, the truth is, the FBI has been entertaining Neal Rauhauser and his friends. That was until he accused the wrong families of being ZAPEM and they got on the phone with the Washington DC Field Office and screamed bloody murder at them wanting answers about this “person”, they don’t even know, pretending to be a Confidential Informant while directing libel and dirt in their direction and demanding to know what the FBI is going to do about their lives being disrupted and the real woman he’s obsessively stalking for no other reason than the fact that he bothered her on Twitter in 2010 and she wrote him up. NJ authorities are also notified and so has been Michelle. Many in group were also contacted. They realize Neal Rauhauser is a dangerous stalker and they assured the families they are investigating and building a case.

    So for all Neal Rauhauser’s effort, it’s blown up in his face once again. The more he tries, the worse time he’s facing. All his victims are currently being interviewed. If you haven’t been, you should call the Washington FBI HQ and ask for the person working on the investigation against Neal Rauhauser. They will know how to direct your call. Ask for Cory. If you’re in NJ, call the Prosecutor’s Office or the FBI Field Office there.

    All I can tell you is these are serious crimes the authorities are taking seriously.

    All I can tell Neal is, if you have such a case against ZAPEM and you claim to know who she is, then serve your lame papers and show your cowardly face. You won’t because you know you’re wrong and will be hauled off to jail when you try it. Aggravated Stalking and Aggravated Harassment, with the death threats you’ve written and solicited others make on your behalf, is a Federal offense. Personally, I hope they hit you with 25 years for what you’ve been doing to so many people.



    Personal Note: I am 24 years old and still in college. In that time, I’ve been involved in research that produced exactly two blog posts of an historical nature. I take offense to people trying to bully me off the internet by making lying inferences just because I exist.

    Ron Brynaert’s constant attacks on me and my friends while expecting everyone to believe he’s not in bed with Neal Rauhauser is harassment and it’s going to stop one way or the other. The constant stalking of any word on the internet that says ZAPEM, a group of people who made a blog post and had every Constitutional right to investigate what the merits of the Tea Party were at the time, is against the law and I’m tired of them breaking it. One can’t USE the excuse they’re “reporting” to harass others, especially when they’re not even a reporter!

    I’m tired of these people stalking down every person who doesn’t agree with their political opinion and hunting them like dogs, interfering in their lives and thinking nothing of printing addresses, names, family members and so on of people who have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Because of THAT, it will probably be the nobody, who didn’t even know their aggressor, that puts him away. I have no faith in journalists and especially journalists who attack victims of crime.

    To watch even business associates that Breitbart just met get dragged into this with the threats against their children and families, none of you even mention. The fact that Lee Stranahan stole emails and tried to make something out of it, and his partner Brandon Darby printed ON THIS BLOG, that our gaming group was a “protection racket” is just as bad as the hogshead rubbish on Neal’s blog!

    If I have to, I will start a blog myself and evidence every everything and I guarantee, a lot of the people involved, especially Neal Rauhauser, are NOT going to like the light of truth that shines on the evidence. Silent too long and we’re sick of the lies and snickering.

    When my friends posted here on Friday, 11/23, this happened. You can stop your snickering.