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LIVE AT FIVE: 02.12.13

Posted on | February 12, 2013 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Pope’s Resignation Leaves Catholics In Shock

Catholics pray during a mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York

Benedict XVI cited failing health as reason for being first pope to resign since 1415

Pentagon Benefits For Gay, Lesbian Spouses Limited By DOMA
Housing, health and burial benefits under review

$1 Million Reward Produces Hundreds Of Tips On Murderous Ex-Cop
Border Patrol opines that killer has already fled to Mexico

SEAL Team Six Member Who Killed Osama Now Struggling On Civvy Street

SEALs go after Osama in Zero Dark Thirty

Unemployed, without pension or medical benefits, and separated from his wife.
Or maybe not.

Joe Biden Claims Gun Proposals Not A “Slippery Slope”

Virginia’s Bob McDonnell Not Choosing Sides Between Rove And Trump: “All Good Republicans”

Former Florida GOP Chair And Crist Ally Pleads Guilty To Theft, Money Laundering

Lawmakers Accuse VA Of Covering Up Veterans’ Deaths

SSG Clinton Romesha Receives Medal Of Honor For Defense Of Outpost Keating

Arizona Lawmakers Weigh Giving Hopi, Navajo Tribes Own County So They Can Share State Sales Taxes They Collect

Crude Oil Inches Up On Trade Data: NYMEX $95.83, Brent $118.99
Japan Boosts Asian Stocks As Won Fall On Nork Nuke Test Fears
Fed’s Yellen Says Higher Rates Not Assured After Targets Hit
Maker’s Mark Defends Watering Its Booze
FTC Says 5% Of Credit Reports Contain Costly Errors
Is Einhorn’s Apple Activism Insider Trading?
Wall Street Ends Lower On Year’s Lightest Volume
How The Horsemeat Sneaked Into The Lasagna
American Express Lets Twitter Users Shop Via Tweet
Novo Nordisk Says FDA Wants Data From Cardiovascular Health Study Before Approving New Diabetes Drugs
Dish Chairman: “I Don’t Want To Kill Ads”
Surface Pro Shortage: Sold Out Or Understocked?
Why An Apple Smartwatch With iOS Makes Sense
Raytheon May Know Where You’ve Been – And Where You’re Going
Bill Gates Talks Tech, Philanthropy During Reddit AMA
Microsoft Staffs Up LA Studio To Develop Original Content For XBox
EA Takes “Real Racing 3” Down Freemium Route

Changing Tribes: Michael Bourn Signs With Indians

All-Star center fielder Michael Bourn

Four years, $48 million after turning down Braves’ one year, $13.3 million deal and snubbing the Mets

Celtics’ Streak Snapped By…The Bobcats?

Scrivens Strong In Relief As Leafs Beat Flyers

Michael Vick’s New Eagles Contract Heavy With Incentives

Bulls Lose To Shorthanded Spurs, 103-89

Blue Jackets Rout Slumping Sharks

Struggling Nyets Get Big Win Without Williams

Stephen Strasburg Ready For Unrestricted 2013 Season

Rihanna Premieres “Stay” Music Video On E!

Bath time with Rihanna.

Latest single off “Unapologetic”

Taylor Swift Slams Ex Harry Styles In Opening Number At Grammys

Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Fling? NY DJ Julian Cavin

Rapper Lil’ Wayne Says Heat Gave Him The Boot, Team Disagrees

“Storage Wars” Star Commits Suicide Days After Drug Arrest

Dan Marino’s Baby Mama Resurfaces

“Buckwild” Star Arrested For Drug Possession

Some Marginal Talent Drops F-Bomb At Grammys

Seismic Activity Detected Near Norks’ Nuke Test Site
Tunisian Crisis Deepens As Ruling Coalition Breaks Up
Car Bombs At Turkish-Syrian Border Kill 13; Police Searching For Suspects
Egypt On High Alert As Protesters Mark Anniversary Of Mubarak’s Ouster
Railway Minister Refutes Charges Of Callousness In Stampede Deaths
At Least 18 Dead In Russian Arctic Coal Mine Blast
Syrian Rebels Claim Control Of Tabqa Dam; Third Dam On Euphrates To Fall

Gateway Pundit: Ted Nugent To Attend State Of The Union Address As Guest Of Rep. Steve Stockman
TPM: Nugent Says “I Will Be Taking On The Media Orgy” After SOTU
Hot Air: Good News From Jay Carney – The President Believes We Have A Spending Problem, Sort Of
Jim Pethokoukis: If President Obama Thinks The Job Of Deficit Reduction Is Nearly Done, He Needs To Look At This Chart
Protein Wisdom: It’s What They Do – Obama’s State Of The Divided Union
Lonely Conservative: Biden Seeks Help From “Legitimate Media” In Violating Constitution
Michelle Malkin: Oh, Look, There Aren’t Enough California Doctors To Service Obamacare
AmSpecBlog: So Long, Benedict
Hit & Run: The Ones Who Walk Away From The Holy See
Jammie Wearing Fools: Childlike Democrats Offer “Prebuttal” To Marco Rubio’s SOTU Rebuttal
Via Meadia: Law Schools In For A Shakeup
Israel Matzav: Soccer Dad’s Middle East Media Sampler
Freedom Works: Reasons To Oppose The So-Called “Violence Against Women Act”

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3 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE: 02.12.13”

  1. Bob Belvedere
    February 12th, 2013 @ 7:54 am

    Another damn fine job there. Hail Wombaticus!

  2. richard mcenroe
    February 12th, 2013 @ 8:57 am

    Joe Biden Claims Gun Proposals Not A “Slippery Slope”… well, in the sense that a cliff technically doesn’t slope.

  3. Adjoran
    February 12th, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

    My first thought on the “abandoned” SEAL who shot bin Laden was, “Who gets a pension for 16 years?” Disability for wounds or injury, sure, but you have to pull 20 for a pension.

    And now it turns out the “no health care” claim is BS, too?

    It only goes to show: Esquire isn’t a credible news source, now, or ever.