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Gosh, Kind of a Tough Call Here

Posted on | July 10, 2013 | 51 Comments

Which is worse, herpes or syphilis? Herpes is incurable, but the ravages of syphilis can be deadly. This is a story about the liberal media, however, not sexually transmitted diseases . . .

You know how, since Day One of the IRS scandal, every liberal on the planet has been saying it’s not really a scandal? So the umpteenth reiteration of the IRS Scandal (NOT) meme was published Monday by a writer for Salon, the Most Worthless Internet Site, Period.

While AOL paid gazillions for HuffPo, and BuzzFeed is now estimated to be worth gazillion-times-infinity, nobody has ever hazarded a guess of the value of, a site that has been losing massive sums of money constantly since the days of dial-up modems.

Because there are no other “progressive” sites on the Internet, you see, and if these investors didn’t keep pouring money into that courageous, then Newt Gingrich would take over America and suddenly TV would be in black-and-white again, or something.

Nobody ever pays attention to Salon except in the sense of, “Did you see that stupid/gross/utterly wrong thing they published at Salon?”

But why bring up Tracy Clark-Flory at a time like this?

My point is that nobody really pays attention to Salon except gigantic inflatable dildos like Lawrence O’Donnell, who evidently had an apoplectic fit because this IRS Scandal (NOT) story failed to mention that Lawrence O’Donnell invented IRS Scandal (NOT) stories.

This is perhaps a good time to mention that certain progressive bloggers think it’s always necessary to write in the very arch and catty tone that Wonkette and Gawker trademarked circa 2003 back when being a blogger was The Hip Career, before McDonald’s had WiFi.

Call it the Snarktastic mode of discourse. It becomes annoying to adults eventually, because you realize that these people think it’s a signifier of superior hipness, which in turn they imagine is a hallmark of their superior intelligence, as if the ostentatious display of pop-culture references and amped-up attitude — attitude! attitude! attitude! — were a substitute for useful knowledge.

Dude, I can do that, and I’m a 53-year-old father of six with a B.A. from Jacksonville (Ala.) State University. It’s really not that clever.

Anyway, Lawrence O’Donnell, who exudes smug self-righteousness as only the Harvard-educated son of a rich lawyer can, felt that Salon had cheated him of the credit he deserved. As the host of a show on a cable TV network somewhat more popular than CNN — a network with more Al Sharpton, but less non-stop murder trial coverage — if Lawrence O’Donnell said the IRS scandal is not a scandal, this was of tremendous significance to . . . somebody.

Yet this article at didn’t even so much as mention him.

Which brings me to the “tough call” referenced in the title, about 450 words ago. Herpes or syphilis? Lawrence O’Donnell or Alex Pareene?

It is a measure of my fathomless loathing for Lawrence O’Donnell that I feel he deserves to be mocked by the execrable Alex Pareene.

UPDATE: One of the relevant facts I omitted:

Also, didn’t O’Donnell develop a bad cocaine habit in Hollywood? Or was that some other leftist douchebag I’m thinking of? There is something especially odious about Hollywood liberals preaching socialism while snorting up tens of thousands of dollars of coke a year.



51 Responses to “Gosh, Kind of a Tough Call Here”

  1. K-Bob
    July 11th, 2013 @ 12:26 am

    And you just know they took at least one Women’s Studies course, if not totally minoring in it.

    My idea of a coffee stop has always been to figure out which parking lot had the most 18-wheelers on it. But I must admit that living in University town softened me for a while. I’m less harsh on the coffee shops because it seems like, under the new rules of small business, you can either open a franchise restaurant or a nail salon, and that’s pretty much it.

    Everything else is pretty much forbidden to either build, operate, or own.

    (Someday, just for fun, count all the nail salons you pass on your way to work.)