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#TrayvonGate: How the U.S. Justice Department Abetted a Legal Lynching

Posted on | July 10, 2013 | 104 Comments

While I haven’t followed the George Zimmerman trial closely, I have noticed the widespread reaction to the trial, namely, “Why are they even having this trial?” There is no way in hell Zimmerman will be convicted. Some see it as a clear-cut case of self-defense, but everyone who has watched the testimony sees enough “reasonable doubt” in the prosecution’s case that it seems obvious the jury will acquit.

So, once again: Why are they even having this trial? And the answer would seem to be, because the Obama administration wanted it.

Lee Stranahan writes at

Welcome to Trayvongate, where the President of the United States used both the bully pulpit, the Department of Justice and sly media manipulation to gin up charges of racism in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting. Now that the trial is almost finished and the only act of racism mentioned so far came from the victim–Martin called Zimmerman ‘a creepy ass cracker’ according to testimony–the cynical and repeated use of the race card by the White house is even more abhorrent.
Judicial Watch revealed documents today that proved what Breitbart News reported in April, 2012: that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice took an active role in racially charged rallies in Sanford, Florida and that the Community Relations Service helped force the temporary resignation of Sheriff Bill Lee. That resignation made it appear that Sanford authorities were suspect and possibly complicit in covering up something. . . .

Read the whole thing.  Welcome to the New Normal. And if there are riots when the acquittal is announced, you’ll know who to blame.



104 Responses to “#TrayvonGate: How the U.S. Justice Department Abetted a Legal Lynching”

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  2. Hannah Baxter
    July 14th, 2013 @ 8:31 am

    Zimmerman recklessly eyeballed that little boy. Emmett Till would have wanted GZ lynched.

  3. archer52
    July 14th, 2013 @ 11:45 am

    The issue is Obama and Holder were looking for their “stacey Koon case”. A politically charged race case they can use to win elections and prove to the blacks they are champions of the black race.

    I retired from police work after a generation in 2008 partially because of Obama’s election. I knew sooner or later somebody who may have done nothing wrong was going to get hammered. Obama telegraphed this with his buddy’s problems at the Cambridge. It was just a matter of time, and truth or justice or fairness was not part of the equation.

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