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‘Protest,’ Riots, To-may-to, To-mah-to

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | 55 Comments

Jeff Quinton reports a story today with the headline, “Marxists to protest Zimmerman trial verdict in Baltimore.”  This “protest” will involve “activists,” says the Baltimore Sun, which reports that the “The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly” is organizing the riot looting peaceful demonstration, but evidently the Professional Journalist didn’t bother to ask, “Who is The Baltimore People’s Power Assembly”?

Readers will be shocked at the profound mystery irresponsible allegations easily discovered facts that Jeff reports about this outfit:

They have a “Solidarity Center” on North Charles Street just north of West North Avenue where they have some of their events. In fact one of these events this weekend is a birthday party for two activists:

Two very good reasons to party – Andre and Shauna’s birthdays! Andre Powell, who is a long time union and LGBTQ activist, Workers World Party organizer, and New Wave singer along with Shauna, a new Peoples Power Assembly

They are asking for donations at the party:

The Solidarity Center is suffering from the “summer lack of money blues” to pay its rent. As many of you know the Center has housed organizing for the Poor Peoples Campaign and many other campaigns. The Solidarity Center has opened its doors to a variety of different groups who have met and planned activities including Occupy Baltimore, SCLC, UPP, WWP, the Green Party and the families and victims of police violence.

Additionally, the only “Like” tha the Baltimore People’s Assembly makes on their page is the Facebook page of the Baltimore Worker’s World Party. The Baltimore WWP lists it’s physical address as the sam location as the People’s Assembly Solidarity Center.

It would seem that Jeff Quinton has uncovered vicious innuendo baseless rumors incontrovertible proof that the “Solidarity Center” and the “People’s Power Assembly” are basically fronts for the fringe Stalinist splinter group, the Workers World Party.

The WWP’s history of operating through front groups, organizing “coalition” protests under disposable names like “International  A.N.S.W.E.R.” is not exactly a secret, but for some reason these facts that Jeff Quinton was able to discover — through some arcane magic known only to him — are beyond the reach of Baltimore Sun reporters, and perhaps of no interest to Baltimore Sun readers.

Let me try this here “Google” doohickey. Oh, my — looky there:

The Workers World Party (WWP) is a Marxist-Leninist sect that was founded in 1959 by Sam Marcy. Marcy and his followers were members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) until 1958, when they split from SWP because, unlike that organization, they supported the presidential bid of the Progressive Party’s Henry A. Wallace in 1948, the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, and the regime of Mao Zedong in China. . . .
Advocating socialist revolution and the abolition of private property in the United States, WWP is a staunch supporter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. . . . During the Cold War it always sided with the Communists, against America. In the 1960s, Marcy himself led demonstrations against the Vietnam War and called for the victory of the Vietcong. . . .
WWP was also a Cosponsoring Organization of the April 25, 2004 “March for Women’s Lives,” a Washington, D.C. rally advocating unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

Nothing interesting or newsworthy — certainly, nothing controversial — about any of that stuff. Just your friendly neighborhood foreign dictator-supporting Marxist revolutionaries with offices in downtown Baltimore (2011 North Charles Street), who have announced:

If George Zimmerman is acquitted

The immediate day after the verdict is announced gather at
McKelden Square, Light & Pratt Streets,
Downtown Baltimore 5 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Calling on all groups and individuals to join.”

Bolsheviks in Baltimore? No, that’s not “news” or anything  . . .



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