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Can Anyone Verify These Disturbing Allegations About Trayvon’s Family?

Posted on | July 15, 2013 | 402 Comments

A commenter on the earlier post wrote this:

Here’s something else you don’t know. From the age of 3 until age 15 or 16, Trayvon Martin lived NOT with Sybrina Fulton but with Tracy Martin, a known member of the Crips, and his then-wife Alicia Stanley-Martin, who was mentioned above. Alicia Stanley-Martin in that interview with Anderson Cooper said Trayvon spent 90% of his life in her home being raised with her two daughters from a previous relationship.
When Tracy Martin dumped Alicia for Brandy he sent Trayvon to live with Sybrina — a woman he hardly knew. The two didn’t get along at all. Sybrina kicked Trayvon out two days before he jumped Zimmerman.
Oddly, at that point Tracy was living with his sister because he’d dumped Alicia but hadn’t yet convinced Brandy to let him shack up with her and her son Chad. According to Trayvon’s text messages the plan was for him and Tracy to move in with Brandy soon but there was no definite date.
So Sybrina kicked Trayvon out knowing that Tracy had no home of his own, meaning Trayvon had no home to go to other than his aunt’s house where his father was staying.
Mother-of-the-year award material.
The part that gets me, however, is that Sybrina would let a known member of the Crips to raise her child from age three. I’m sorry but that’s too messed up for words.
You ought to check out Trayvon’s text messages, the released ones anyway. All evidence points to Tracy initiating Trayvon into the Crips, including purchasing illegal guns on the street. Yes, you read that correctly.
The text messages may be found at the website created and ran by Mark O’Mara. Look at the ten text message reports. Oh, and Tracy Martin’s Crip nickname is “Fruit.”

Is this true? The commenter references the “Third Supplemental Discovery” at George Zimmerman Legal Case, and says that all this information has previously been cited by The Last Refuge, a.k.a. The Conservative Treehouse. I find it difficult to believe that anyone — even the most biased liberal reporter at the New York Times — covering this case would look at that and say, “Irrelevant.”

As I’ve explained elsewhere, I didn’t pay much attention to this story when it broke, because in March/April 2012 I was covering the end of the GOP presidential primary campaign. Controversy about a shooting in Florida wasn’t really on my beat. So you’ll forgive me if I’m re-hashing anything everybody already knew. But . . . Trayvon’s father was a member of the Crips? Really? This is “irrelevant”?

Welcome to the New Normal, I guess.



402 Responses to “Can Anyone Verify These Disturbing Allegations About Trayvon’s Family?”

  1. chris ericksen
    July 20th, 2013 @ 6:26 am

    Folks, take a look at all the times Tray and Tracy wore red. Do you seriously think a Crip would wear red??

    The conservative treehouse had some fiction together with fact.

  2. chris ericksen
    July 20th, 2013 @ 6:56 am

    And the sealing of ZImmerman’s phone calls and texts, among other things? Any objections to that? Didn’t think so.

    Tray was followed. He’d done nothing. GZ lied about the amount of time following; he lied about looking for a street address. He reached into his jacket pocket after Trayvon asked him why he was following, and, maybe Trayvon asked him what his problem was. So, again, GZ says he doesn’t have a problem and reaches into his pocket (or for his holster?). Tray then punches him- a struggle ensues.

    Trayvon was the aggressor? Hardly. Even in states with no stand-your-ground law, this would be considered an act of self-defense. And anybody reading this who can look me in the monitor and say he KNOWS that GZ couldn’t POSSIBLY have been reaching for his loaded gun I call a liar.

    I called and spoke to 3 Watch Commanders (police)-both in CA and Miami, FL. ALL of them said that Trayvon would have been justified in throwing a punch in those circumstances.

    Anybody wonder what GZ was doing to defend himself during the skirmish? Anybody wonder after that “horrific beating” how JUST when he needed to, GZ had the ability to reach for his gun, aim and shoot? And if, in the dark, how a black gun in a black holster could be seen by someone who was straddled over someone, with his knees in his “victim’s” armpits? (this is what GZ told his “good friend” who wrote that book about “the most hated man in America”).

    Yes, Trayvon was used to dangerous neighborhoods and would have been more than nervous when subjected to GZ’s following both by truck and on foot. But Trayvon’s wasn’t doing the following- it was GZ that created this event. Troubled teen or no, he was not armed- not even a pocket knife.

    GZ made inexcusable blunders- blunders that resulted in the death of a boy barely 17.

    This could very well have happened to GZ, when he was even older than Trayvon. He was a pretty-troubled young man, himself; had others going to jail on his place and boasted about it, drank too much, had episodes of violence, used drugs as well- and more as any who have done any research on him, knows.

    You won’t find this on the Conservative Tree House, however.