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Feminism as Cultural Marxism and the Wrecking of Harvard Business School

Posted on | September 8, 2013 | 52 Comments

Destroying America is a difficult task, but Harvard University is determined to do its best. Donald Douglas at American Power highlights the mind-boggling tale of how two feminists — Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard’s first female president, and Frances Frei, senior associate dean — have wrecked Harvard Business School in the name of “equality”:

As faculty members pointed out, the more exquisitely gender-sensitive the school environment became, the less resemblance it bore to the real business world.

In other words, radical equality can only be achieved by the abolition of standards. Read the rest at American Power. Words fail.



52 Responses to “Feminism as Cultural Marxism and the Wrecking of Harvard Business School”

  1. bridgetelle
    September 9th, 2013 @ 11:55 pm

    It infuriated me to hear what hothouse flowers these grown women are: too afraid to speak up in class (despite the fact that participation is 50% of their grade), intimidated by a party in a Boston hotel, and freaking out at the notion that men want to sleep with them.

    If this is the future of female business leaders, misogyny can just kick back its heels and relax: women have already done the work of oppressing themselves.

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