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Bullies, Braggarts and Fools

Posted on | October 22, 2013 | 52 Comments

The Brett Kimberlin Fan Club has spent the past several days doing an online Happy Dance about Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al. The laughable falsehood thereof (see the responses by Ken White at Popehat and Patrick Frey at Patterico) doesn’t stop the perjuring bomber’s fanboys from celebrating what they imagine will be the annihilation of Kimberlin’s targets. My co-defendant John Hoge replies to one such fool:

If by some chance either of the suits survives a motion to dismiss, Brett Kimberlin will have to answer a lot of questions during discovery, and he will provide discovery this time. Because if he doesn’t, that will be grounds for dismissal. So either each suit is dismissed, or Kimberlin is subject to discovery, or he ducks discovery again and each suit is dismissed.
Of course, I suspect that one or more of the defendants is either or both of the suits will have counterclaims, and they will likely multiply after discovery. Also, I suspect that one or more of the defendants in either or both of the suits will be adding parties as part of their counterclaims. . . .

Read the whole thing. That Kimberlin has admirers who rejoice in his deliberate evil is one of the most amazing things about this story.

Fools who boast that their hatefulness will be vindicated by the forthcoming courtroom success of  The World’s Worst Pro Se Litigant™ are likely to be disappointed. But they have already covered themselves in such shame, they care not about their further embarrassment.

Bill Schmalfeldt’s wicked enthusiasm for anal rape — does anyone need to be reminded why Schmalfeldt is persona non grata at Daily Kos? — is entirely consistent with his depraved sadistic appetite for threatening the innocent and deliberately defaming the honest.

So a week ago, when Schmalfeldt was advised that his attempts to overturn John Hoge’s peace order against him were likely to fail, Schmalfeldt arrogantly and obscenely mocked this wise advice, and thereby accidentally prophesied the ultimate outcome:

Schmalfeldt’s humiliation in last Wednesday’s court hearing — even his hero Brett Kimberlin reportedly laughed at Bill’s clumsy arguments — was a result of his own bad judgment, and the Monday rejection of Schmalfeldt’s appeal made his humiliation complete.

Yet if Schmalfeldt were capable of learning from his own failures, he would never have made himself such a pathetic laughingstock, and so now he has set his heart on the success of Kimberlin’s flimsy RICO claim. Not content with this failure-by-proxy plan, however, Schmalfeldt decided to threaten Ali Akbar’s familybad move, Bill.

Last night, Schmalfeldt got what he wanted. He got my attention. Over 30 tweets in 30 minutes that were brought to my attention by people concerned with my physical safety.
Schmalfeldt has bragged about beating people in drunken rages, about his weapons and he has written about calling his family members to physically harm people.
He called my mother, someone who raised three boys all on her own, all while going to school and working full-time, a whore.

See, I don’t believe in suing people, and it’s not my habit to call the cops, when my lawful means of self-defense are entirely adequate. But other people may not feel the same way, and if Bill Schmalfeldt is determined to continue hatefully harassing the innocent, he may be taught a lesson that even such a fool as himself cannot ignore.



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