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How Desperate Is Sydney Leathers to Extend Her 15 Minutes of Infamy?

Posted on | November 30, 2013 | 51 Comments

It is rather quaint to remember that when Sydney Elaine Leathers was first identified as the former Obama campaign worker involved in a cybersex scandal with Anthony Weiner, some were reluctant to publish her name, seeing her as the victim of a predator.

Yeah. Except she’s a tattoo-covered slut who rented herself out to old creeps she met via “sugar daddy” sites.

The plump brunette harlot immediately seized upon the scandal to launch a porn career. And then . . .

There’s no delicate and polite way to say this: Sydney discovered she doesn’t like how her vagina looks. She thinks her labia are too big.

So she’s going to get surgery to trim her enormous flapping bat wings.

TMZ says the surgery will be performed by Dr. Neal Handel of Santa Barbara, California, for the fee of $8,400. And then . . .

Sydney will auction off the trimmings, encased in Lucite.

Is there a cultural significance to this story? Does my reporting this unsavory news serve any redeeming social purpose?

What we can discern is an extreme example of a trend, the vagina as commodity, which I have previously discussed: The pervasive influence of pornography and the general promiscuity of the “hook-up” culture has created competitive pressures on women, who feel that their sexual performance is constantly being judged, evaluated as a commercial product in the erotic marketplace.

We seem to be approaching a situation in which women are expected to send nude photos of themselves via cellphone to their prospective dates, marketing their bodies and their services in quite explicit ways. The whole “revenge porn” phenomenon originates in this kind of behavior, with women sharing what they think of as private photos, only to discover that their boyfriends have shared the intimate images with the whole world. In such an environment, the sense of being judged in comparison to others is heightened.

Sydney Leathers is self-conscious about her jumbo vagina lips because everybody is going to see them — or, at least, everybody who wants to see them can pay to see them, and she’s apparently embarrassed that “you could make a winter coat” from her excess drapery, as one of the TMZ producers said.

This is wrong at so many levels, it’s hard to figure out where to start.

For example, who decided that having large labia is a bad thing?

Even if Sydney Leathers is extraordinary in this regard — and forgive me for not doing the kind of in-depth investigative journalism that would be necessary to verify this — why is that a bad thing? Isn’t there at least a niche market value for that?

Couldn’t her unusually large  labia make Sydney memorably distinctive among porn performers? “Oh, yeah — Sydney Leathers! Isn’t she the one with the gigantic pink mudflaps?”

Maybe this publicity stunt is a cry for help. Maybe there is some Sydney Leathers fan out there — perhaps a disgraced former Democratic congressman — who will say, “No, Sydney! Don’t get that surgery! I’ve always adored your incredible floppy love-lips!”

Postal Dog brought this to my attention and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t plan to bid on the Sydney Leathers labia-in-lucite auction, but at least you know who to blame for making me aware of it.



51 Responses to “How Desperate Is Sydney Leathers to Extend Her 15 Minutes of Infamy?”

  1. Dantes
    December 2nd, 2013 @ 12:45 am

    Seems like there ought to be an easier way…sounds like the perfect opportunity for the budding television marketing entrepreneur..The Labiamatic? A Ginzu attachment? Lipmaster? Possibilities are endless.