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Sarah Palin CPAC 2014 Part 1

Posted on | March 9, 2014 | 6 Comments

by Smitty

Her conversational, mocking tones make all the needful heads ‘splode on the Left. At the same time, her lack of demonstrated interest in running again saw her take 2% in the CPAC straw poll. Nevertheless, we luv huh.


6 Responses to “Sarah Palin CPAC 2014 Part 1”

  1. Eastwood Ravine
    March 9th, 2014 @ 11:33 pm

    I’d support her above all others if she chose to run for President, but I think she realizes her time has passed. 2012 was her year to start running for President, whether or not she actually won the nomination for that cycle.

  2. K-Bob
    March 10th, 2014 @ 2:18 am

    I’ll re-comment this here, because even though I made it, it’s actually kind of cool (there’s more width in the comment box at Scoop’s, I guess, so formatting is wonky)….

    And now for a different take on the speech. I present to you The Complete List of names and entities that were mentioned in Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC this year. Here they are, in order of appearance:

    1) CPAC (thank you!)
    2) College Republicans
    3) Independents and Libertarians
    4) Members of the Military
    5) Veterans
    6) Reagan
    7) Ben Carson
    8) Friedman, Reagan, Thatcher (Giants!)
    9) Ted Cruz (special mention, “thank you, Texas!”)
    10) The Cruz Filibuster described (several minutes, leading into
             the Green Eggs and Ham thingy)
    — 10.1) Palin’s five kids
    — 10.2) Trig!
    11) “Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, and Paul, and Gowdy, and Gosar,
          and Gomert, etcetera” (‘We’ve got some good guys!’)
    13) The Common Sense Gene (Those good guys have it)
    13) The Choom Gang (unflattering mention)
    14) Clingers and Wingers
    15) The GOP establishment (criticism of whom left a mark)
    16) The United States Military
    17) You Complacent ones, working the agenda of Obama (‘We’re
          going to stop you’)

    (Run Sarah Run!) – Audience mention

    18) Those who carry the water (“I feel sorry for some of those
          cabinet members”)
    19) John Kerry (“Bless his heart. No need to ask him, ‘Why
          the long face?'”)
    20) Putin (Regarding barack’s empty threats)
    21) barack (‘he’) (indirectly, via humorous misquote, and
          devastating statistics)
    22) Mr. President (“Good guy with a nuke” quote)
    23) Doctor Obama (only thing rising is the Russian Empire)
    24) Who (as in, “Who could have seen this coming?”)
    25) GOP Establishment
    26) Jesus (GOP establishment needs another “Come to Jesus meeting”)
    27) GOP Beltway Boys (You didn’t build that!)
    28) The Tea Party
    29) Low Information Voters
    30) Harry Reid (future blackjack dealer)
    31) Perpetual Panties In A Wad people (Professionals
          at “taking offense”)
    32) Media Minions (Supporters thereof)
    33) “Someone on the right” (humorous self reference regarding
          political correctness)
    34) Phil (Roberts) (“Our buddy from Duck Dynasty”)
    35) God (Quoting Roberts)
    36) Devout Christian (referring to Phil Roberts)
    37) People all over America, not just Wingers and Clingers
          (pushed back and got Roberts rehired)
    38) Fainting couch liberals (whining that we disrespect women)
    39) Women
    40) Democrats’ leaders (it’s they who are demeaning to women)
    41) Liberals
    42) Women
    43) Men (Imagine if we treated the men like the Dems treat women)
    44) The Ladies

    (The following are in her aside to “The Ladies”)

    — 45) Friend, sister, or roommate (talk to them!)
    — 46) Girls (leftists enticing)
    — 47) “This” Sisterhood (fights against that subjugation)
    — 48) Big Government ([seeks] mastery over us)
    — 49) The Real Women Liberators
    — 50) Donkeys (Just Bray)
    — 51) Momma Grizzlies!
    — 52) Women of America (let them know! It’s family, faith and
             freedom. Be bold in making our case!)
    — 53) (Margaret) Thatcher, (Elizabeth Cady) Stanton,
             (Susan B.) Anthony (We’re the heirs of)
    — 54) The Boys (if they aren’t up to it)
    — 55) Conservative Women (will lead the cause)
    — 56) This Sisterhood
    — 57) The Party with the plank that protects
    — 58) Our Littlest Sisters, in the womb.

    59) Our Children (educating them)
    60) Giants! (The men and women who’ve come before, at
          podiums like this)
    61) You. (You’re the key.)
    62) Veterans, Politicians, Housewives, etc. (who all fought for America)
    63) Obama (as in, The Age Of, is almost over)
    64) A Band of Brothers (who) (dumped tea in Boston Harbor)
    65) You.
    66) God
    67) God bless you CPAC, Conservatives, America

    And there you have it.

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  4. Bob Belvedere
    March 10th, 2014 @ 7:01 pm

    -Thanks, K-Bob.

    -Just further confirms my belief that she must run in 2016. She can wow the crowds and knows the points to hit.

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