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In The Mailbox, 04.10.14

Posted on | April 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Proof Positive: Sluggish and “Now We’re Just Haggling Over The Price”
Michelle Malkin: The Meltdown Of The Obama Genderhawks
Doug Powers: House Panel Requests DOJ Prosecution Of Lois Lerner
Twitchy: Abominable Doucherocket Michael Tomasky Of The Daily Beast Explains Why Conservative Women Are So Dumb

American Power: Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Banned At Brandeis
American Thinker: Pro-Choice – Defending The Right Not To Be Gay
Blackfive: The Bigotry Of The Myth Of The Ticking Vet
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot: Shocker – Gathering Of Drunk, Half-Naked College Students Ends In Disaster
Conservatives4Palin: Governor Palin Tells Holder “These Are My Identifying Bracelets”
Don Surber: Daily Scoreboard, April 9
Jammie Wearing Fools: Obama Pal Sharpton Wore FBI Wire To Save Himself From Drug Sting
Joe For America: Video Of Violence Breaking Out Between Ranchers, BLM Officers Over Cattle Dispute
Pat Dollard: IRS Agents Caught Openly Campaigning For Obama
Protein Wisdom: Radical Identity Politics, Homosexuality, And The Irony Of The New Jihad
Shot In The Dark: Chanting Points Memo – The New GULAG
STUMP: Public Pensions Watch – The Detroit Deal’s Basics
The Jawa Report: CAIR Complains Women Having Human Rights Is Anti-Islamic
Lonely Conservative: Lois Lerner Hoped To Get A Job With Organizing For America
This Ain’t Hell: Marine Corps Sergeant Major Says Poor Marines Are Best For The Corps
Megan McArdle: How Ukraine Could Alter New York’s Skyline

Five days left in tax season.

JustOneMinute: Fahrenheit 8


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