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Today’s Ray Of Hope: Harvard Gets A Clue

Posted on | May 14, 2014 | 51 Comments


“Despair is a sin.” – J.E.Pournelle

This should actually have gone up yesterday, but I spent most of the day waiting for my truck to be worked on and am not much interested in trying to make posts from my cellphone, bolshy great phablet that it is. It’s actually better for having waited a day, since now I can point you to Da Tech Guy’s excellent post on the Eucharistic Adoration held Monday night at MIT’s chapel, and the consequent mass at St. Paul’s in Cambridge, which were a protest to the Black Mass scheduled to be held at Harvard. You should go read it now, enjoy the many interviews Pete did with (among others) former mayor of Boston and ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn, and check out the even more numerous pictures. Throw money at Da Tip Jar while you’re there.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion, but I find it significant in this time of “anything goes” religious and anti-religious practice that the people of Boston and Cambridge stood up in great numbers and said “This far and no farther.” The Black Mass was not only protested by local folks but by thousands of students and faculty at Harvard itself, and whatever failures of nerve Harvard President Drew Faust may have shown in the past, I think it took a bit of courage to attend the Adoration and the Mass. Andrew Breitbart is often quoted as saying “Politics is downstream from culture,” and is it too much to hope for that the Silent Majority has finally grown sick of hipsters mocking their religion and pretending to play at Satanism to shock the bourgeoisie? As Pete points out, the outcry was enough for the club originally sponsoring the Black Mass to withdraw its sanction and with it, the use of Harvard space. Some sources say that the event was eventually held off-campus at a Chinese restaurant; others say the property owner refused to rent the space. One thing is clear: there was no Black Mass held at the college that once was known for training Congregationalist preachers.


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