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Where Feminism Comes From

Posted on | July 25, 2014 | 21 Comments

Earlier, I quoted a Canadian feminist blog about “how bullies and abusers function” and then — having “set the hook,” as a fisherman might say — reeled off the history of the Brett Kimberlin case, without getting into the specific issues the Canadian feminist was talking about, which are interesting enough that they deserve their own post.

At issue is a new Canadian “progressive” web site called Ricochet (which is not to be confused with the established American conservative web site called Ricochet). The hardcore (but not lesbian) Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy explained her problem:

I could not and would not support any platform, publication, or organization involving an allegedly abusive man. And unfortunately I had been provided with information from more than one source that one of the men who co-founded Ricochet had been accused of abuse. . . .
When I learned that this man would be a founder and editor at Ricochet, I was livid. . . . I couldn’t name names but I knew full-well that the information circulating around this particular man had been communicated to many in the progressive community, yet he was still being allowed a position as some kind of leftist leader. No one was holding him to account.

(Yeah, Americans had a similar problem with a guy like that once. And now feminists want to elect his wife our next president.)

People who were willing to trash me publicly, simply because they disagreed with my feminist politics, were unwilling to cut ties with or call out a man who had been accused of abuse. . . .
I know these kinds of men. I lived with one. After I left him and began to tell my community about my experiences with him, he also threatened to sue me.

Now, here is where Meghan Murphy’s story takes an interesting sidetrack. She told the story of that relationship in October 2013:

When I was 26, I had what I sometimes call a quarter-life crisis. In typical 20-something form, I thought what I needed was to escape city life. To get closer to nature and eschew technology or some crap.
I subletted my apartment and hung around on some of the little islands off the coast of British Columbia. . . .
I lived in a tent for the summer. I stopped shaving my armpits and made a bunch of ugly hemp necklaces. I learned to play Janis Joplin songs on my guitar and read a lot of Anarchist pamphlets. . . .

(Everybody’s rolling their eyes at this part of Meghan’s story, but when I was 26, I was playing in a rock-and-roll band and dating strippers. Which isn’t the same as living in a tent and reading Anarchist pamphlets, but does show that 26-year-olds do crazy things that aren’t necessarily an indicator of their future.)

When I first met Dan, he seemed fun and smart, but he was 20 years older than me which, to a 26-year-old who’d only ever slept with men relatively close in age, seemed gross. . . .
He hung around the cafe, took me to local parties, and pretty much became my chauffeur. I hate to admit that I felt I was the one taking advantage of him. I felt I was the one in control.
This is, of course, the trouble with not having real power in this world. We take what we can get. Women learn they have power because men desire them, but it isn’t true. . . .

(Meghan: Your obsession with power, and your belief that women can never have “real power” — because patriarchy! — is the result of looking at the world through an ideological prism. But never mind that right now. Let’s talk about sex, eh?)

I slept with him one night after too many drinks, regretted it immediately and then regretted it even more when, about a month later, I learned I was pregnant. I scheduled an abortion, but suffered a rather traumatic miscarriage a week before my appointment. Dan took care of me while I recovered that week, bedridden and high on OxyContin, prescribed for the pain. Looking back, I see our relationship as one forged through a kind of trauma-bonding. . . .

(Oh, for crying out loud, Meghan, you’ve been reading Dee Graham, haven’t you? It’s probably only a matter of time until you’re screeching that PIV is always rape. But anyway . . .)

I quickly became dependent on Dan. But he was smart. He was able to engage in debates about the things I was interested in -– politics, feminism, progressive movements. He aligned himself with lefty causes and with women’s rights. He believed himself to be a progressive guy. I believed it, too. . . .
He made a point of telling as many people as possible about the thousands of dollars he’d donated to the local women’s anti-violence group. He would identify as a feminist and then talk over all the women in the room.

(Never trust a guy who makes a point of bragging what a huge feminist he is. Guys like that are psychologically defective.)

Eventually his true nature began to show through his carefully crafted persona, but he was a master manipulator and somehow I always ended up believing that either his behaviour would change or that his blow-ups were my fault. . . .

(Proving my point.)

He dominated every conversation and would practically foam at the mouth if anyone disagreed with him. He made excuses as to why he had a pattern of dating much younger women. . . .
At 47, he had all but retired. . . .
He’d memorized pseudo-therapeutic language, impressing women who were accustomed to men who were emotionally disengaged.
He was also always the victim. In past relationships and in life. He was “struggling,” he always said. He described the 10 years of his life spent as vice-president of A&R at a large record label as akin to serving time in a war. . . .


Sweetheart, anybody who knows anything about the music business will tell you: Never trust a record company executive. To compare those people to jackals would be an insult to jackals. To say that somebody spent “10 years of his life . . . as vice-president of A&R at a large record label” is like saying he spent 10 years peddling heroin to teenagers or writing speeches for Mitch McConnell.

Anyway, to continue Meghan’s story about that sociopathic creep Dan:

Explanations of his life were full of holes. . . . He would tell me about women he’d dated or slept with, and then months later I’d learn these stories were lies. He’d laugh it off: “Oh I was just joking about that.”
Through the year and a half we were together, we broke up constantly. The nonstop lying and mind games made me feel crazy and insecure. . . .

(Yeah, you were so “crazy and insecure” that you spent your summer living in a tent and reading anarchist pamphlets.)

I’d hear all sorts of stories from others -– sometimes about him cheating with other women, even younger than me. When I’d ask him about what I’d heard, he’d track down the people who ratted him out, threatening them and spreading rumors around the island that they were crazy and out to get him. Everyone was out to get him for some inexplicable reason.
I left him temporarily after he backhanded me across the face one night. . . .
One woman I’d told, a friend, I’d thought, responded: “Oh but you two were fighting, weren’t you?”
Well, yes. If you call being screamed at, called a “fucking cunt,” and then smacked across the face “a fight,” then yeah. I guess we were fighting. . . .

Well, you can read the rest of that. My point is, this is where feminism comes from — women hanging around wretched amoral “progressive” scumbags who treat women like dirt. And the weird thing is, Meghan Murphy already knows this:

I have a healthy and well-founded mistrust for the male left. . . . The radical feminist movement quite literally was launched, back in the 60s, in response to women’s disappointment in the New Left, who continually ignored and treated our sisters as second class citizens. Women tried to join the fight for equality and liberation only to learn that their own liberation didn’t count.

You can read the rest of that, too. The problem with the Left is that it is composed entirely of three kinds of people:

  1. Emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective losers desperately hoping that politics can solve their problems;
  2. Crackpot intellectuals craving world-historical significance, or at least a regular TV gig and a book contract; and
  3. Clever hustlers trying to score some action.

All of these people have bad motives, which they cannot admit. If they told the truth — “I hate successful, happy people because my mother dressed me in ugly clothes and kids made fun of me in school” — nobody would pay attention to them.

Dishonesty therefore becomes routine and habitual to leftists, and whenever leftists get together, the clever progressive hustlers prey upon the emotionally damaged losers who can be counted on to blame their misfortunes not on the individual creeps who screwed them over, but rather on some large, abstract “social injustice.”

Idiots willing to fight for Social Justice as volunteers are victims of professional leftists who get paid to fight for Social Justice. But if the idiots ever wised up to the hustle, there wouldn’t be a “progressive” movement at all. So the chumps just keep on chumpin’ . . .



21 Responses to “Where Feminism Comes From”

  1. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    July 25th, 2014 @ 12:41 am


  2. bilupiwoli
    July 25th, 2014 @ 12:47 am

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  3. Mike G.
    July 25th, 2014 @ 1:09 am

    Some women get in that cycle of domestic violence and just can’t seem to get out of it. Soon enough, it becomes all they know. Even when help is offered, they will refuse it and stay in the bad situation.

  4. DeadMessenger
    July 25th, 2014 @ 1:30 am

    Check it out Evi L. The guy who responded to you below is an example of an “emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective loser desperately hoping that politics blog spam can solve their problems.”

  5. Matt_SE
    July 25th, 2014 @ 2:26 am

    The problem with the Left is that it is composed entirely of three kinds of people:
    -Emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective losers desperately hoping that politics can solve their problems;
    -Crackpot intellectuals craving world-historical significance, or at least a regular TV gig and a book contract; and
    -Clever hustlers trying to score some action

    That is some good insight there.

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    July 25th, 2014 @ 2:42 am

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  7. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    July 25th, 2014 @ 2:46 am

    Maybe he should hit the tip jar if he is getting a check for $6474!

  8. Evi L. Bloggerlady
    July 25th, 2014 @ 2:47 am

    It is the Charlie Brown and football syndrome, it can affect either gender.

  9. TroubleAtTheMine
    July 25th, 2014 @ 3:08 am

    Oh my god it is so true. That’s really just it in a nutshell. There’s nothing more that needs to be said on topic.

    I see this play out over and over amongst my liberal girlfriends. They hang out with the most disgusting scumbags and then try to get everyone to agree that all men are like that. And are the women whose men are good loyal? Do they defend men? Not so often.

  10. Anon Y. Mous
    July 25th, 2014 @ 3:30 am

    is like saying he spent 10 years peddling heroin to teenagers or writing speeches for Mitch McConnell.


    The problem with the Left is that it is composed entirely of three kinds of people:
    –Emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective losers desperately hoping that politics can solve their problems;
    –Crackpot intellectuals craving world-historical significance, or at least a regular TV gig and a book contract; and
    –Clever hustlers trying to score some action.

    I think you are overstating here. I think there are a lot of people on the left who are not very good at thinking logically. They think with their emotions, or that they have not spent a great deal of time in thinking critically about their beliefs at all. They are lefties because they want to help the so-called disadvantaged and they think that the progressive’s policies will do that. They believed the lies they were told. I guess your number 1 would come closest to where they belong, but emotionally damaged and/or mentally defective just isn’t an accurate descriptor for the people I have in mind.

    I also think there are a whole lot of identity politics kind of people on the left. For someone who looks at politics from the exact opposite from JFK’s “Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, then it makes sense to ally themselves with those who promise that they will use the power of the state to favor the group they are part of. Acting strictly from selfish motives does not fit nicely into any of your categories.

  11. concern00
    July 25th, 2014 @ 5:17 am


  12. NeoWayland
    July 25th, 2014 @ 9:59 am

    *nods* I agree.

    Although a good case could be made for the left leadership.

  13. robertstacymccain
    July 25th, 2014 @ 12:50 pm

    People who uncritically accept the categories provided to them as glittering generalities — “fairness,” “equality,” “progress,” etc.– are among those I consider mentally defective losers. An inability to think for yourself, or the sort of intellectual sloth that results in an unwillingness to critically examine popular slogans, is characteristic of mental inferiority.

  14. robertstacymccain
    July 25th, 2014 @ 12:55 pm

    The feminist who condemns all men — “the patriarchy”! — for the results of her own poor choices is very much like the punk in Repo Man who, as he lies bleeding to death in the floor of a convenience story he tried to rob, gasps out: “I blame society — society made me what I am!”

    Feminism has a way of making a virtue of irresponsibility, and celebrates scapegoating as “courage.”

  15. robertstacymccain
    July 25th, 2014 @ 1:08 pm

    A helpless attraction to Bad Boys, or the kind of naivete that does not recognize sociopathic manipulation for what it is, inevitably leads women to bad outcomes. Feminism enables this by convincing women that anyone who criticizes their choices is attempting to deprive them of their Freedom and Equality.

    So if Mama says, “I don’t like you hanging around hoodlums like that,” well, Mama’s just prejudiced and judgmental, and the empowered young feminist must disregard such bigoted people.

  16. clavdivs
    July 25th, 2014 @ 4:35 pm

    The identity politics crowd — unions and Muslims, for example — fall under #3 for the most part. They don’t actually believe in leftism but exploit the idealists for their own gain.

  17. Maggat
    July 25th, 2014 @ 7:50 pm

    Glad I read that tripe, I haven’t had such a good chuckle in a long time.

  18. Matt_SE
    July 25th, 2014 @ 11:04 pm

    This is the same conclusion I came to while thinking about this.

    These women are attracted to “bad boys” for some deep, dark reason.
    You can try to make the women see that they keep seeking out or putting out the vibe that attracts these kinds of men, but even if the woman intellectually understands and accepts this, she will still be emotionally attracted to this type.

    I think these women would find a relationship with a “good guy” unsatisfying emotionally. If they could be persuaded to try it, they would abandon it soon thereafter.

  19. Matt_SE
    July 25th, 2014 @ 11:14 pm

    Personal story along these lines:
    I was always attracted to “artsy” types. One night, I went out drinking in town with college buddies. I met just such a girl.
    I was in a “mood” that night, and was aggressively flirty and flippant. Kind of a dick, really.
    The girl ate it up. We started seeing each other, but since I wasn’t in a “mood” any longer, I started acting nice again. She lost interest soon thereafter.
    She had a sordid history of emotional trauma. All the usual crap. She was interested in the jerk persona I was projecting that night. I assume she moved on to date other jerks after me.
    Women like that can be told what their problem is, but that doesn’t fix their emotional problems…they are still attracted at a visceral level to jerks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, feminism is there with a ready excuse for them to use as a crutch: all your problems were laid on you, girl!
    Self-control is just the patriarchy trying to control you, so reject it and release your inner whore.

  20. Squid Hunt
    July 26th, 2014 @ 7:11 am

    Not most men.

  21. BurkeanMama
    July 26th, 2014 @ 6:56 pm

    When I was a young woman I noticed the more liberal a man was the worse he treated women. I became a Republican. That’s called learning.