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Man Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint, Infects Her With Chlamydia

Posted on | January 5, 2015 | 54 Comments

If you read this story carefully, you realize the poor girl was victimized by one of her mother’s ex-boyfriends:

Police say Andrew Hunter Jr., 23, entered the girl’s St. Roch home armed with a gun around 5:45 a.m. on Oct. 17 and woke her up. He told her to go to the back of the house and lock the door. She complied. There he used clothing to tie her hands behind her back, put a scarf in her mouth and raped her, Detective Jounay Ross wrote in an arrest warrant.
Hunter then put his gun to the victim’s head while telling her to go to sleep and count to 50, police wrote.
The victim underwent a rape exam at Children’s Hospital where staff found she had contracted chlamydia. She told authorities the assailant had shoulder-length dreadlocks, but she couldn’t see his face.
The rape kit was sent to State Police’s crime lab for DNA testing. On Dec. 2, police were notified that analysts had obtained the DNA profile of an unidentified male from the rape kit.
The victim’s mother told police she believed the suspect was a friend she knew as “Drew,” who had shoulder-length dreadlocks. The mother’s suspicions were solidified when she found out her daughter had been infected with chlamydia. She said she had also contracted chlamydia from Drew about a month earlier, police wrote. . . .

You can read the whole thing. This atrocity is being ignored by feminists shouting about “rape culture,” because the perpetrator was not a member of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Virginia.

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54 Responses to “Man Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint, Infects Her With Chlamydia”

  1. Robert What?
    January 6th, 2015 @ 11:39 pm

    This is where torture might be appropriate.

  2. Zohydro
    January 7th, 2015 @ 12:44 am

    Well… It would be interesting to see how he conducts himself in the joint! And it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t already engaged in homosexual behaviour—or a victim himself of homosexual molestation at a young age!

    But the “pretty” part—that’s spot on—I well know the type! That’s what I meant…

  3. Isa
    January 7th, 2015 @ 2:25 pm

    look, i’m a Christian. i try to be a nice guy.

    but there somethings that just… set me off. this monster… i would kill him. no regrets. i’d take a baseball bat… and beat his head in until he stops moving.

  4. Kevin Lafayette
    January 9th, 2015 @ 12:59 pm

    Yes I agree. There are stark parallels here to sexual abuse in the Catholic church. What are the three things you need for crime? Means, opportunity, and motive. What does entering the priesthood give you? Two of those things; means and opportunity. Pedophiles see the pool of children, unsupervised access. Political correctness stops proper screening; you don’t want to be accused of “homophobia” or any of the other nonsense slogans.

    You want access to a child for future abuse? Well, feminism and no fault divorce (cash and prizes for the wymins) and the societal state of misandry provide that; millions of unwed/divorced mothers looking for new “wallets”! Just pick the one you like. You become a “hero” pretending to fill the “white knight” roll. Actual father gets the blame. Legal system uses false stat to chase more fathers out of their own homes and our of natural protective role. Predators get another win.