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Social Justice, Matt Damon and the Hollywood Fantasy of Prostitution

Posted on | September 17, 2015 | 51 Comments

Am I the only one who remembers what Hollywood did to Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears? Clancy wrote a 1991 Cold War thriller that portrayed a terrorist collaboration between an East German nuclear physicist and Palestinian radicals. However, by the time it emerged as a movie in 2002, the cinematic arbiters of political correctness had changed the bad guys into “a South African arms dealer” and “a secretive far-right cabal seeking to impose a white supremacist world order, led by Austrian billionaire and neo-Nazi Richard Dressler” whose plan is “to transform Europe into a united fascist superstate.” Yeah, because there’s no way anyone would buy tickets to a movie in which Palestinian radicals engaged in a terrorist plot. Too much like real life.

That P.C. Hollywood reversal came to mind when I read this at AOSHQ:

In a new Project Greenlight, Damon argued with a black woman about the need of a Director of Color (is that a thing?) for their movie, based upon the fact that in one scene a black prostitute is slapped by a white pimp. Given that single incident, she called for a black director, or a team of a female director and black one, to make sure the nameless prostitute was invested with dignity and something something Oprah Winfrey’s book club.
Well, Matt Damon, who is a goonish, thuggish leftist when it comes to imposing SJW crap on other people, actually began lecturing her that she was wrong.
This is, as you know, a crime; a white person can never contradict a black person in Obama’s America.

You can read the whole thing. Damon was forced to apologize, and this is just another controversy over “representation” (which is to say, tokenism and quotas) in Hollywood, but perhaps I’m not the only one who noticed this:

“. . . a black prostitute is slapped by a white pimp . . .”

Uhhh, how do I say this? Without sounding like a racist, I mean.

Maybe I’m not an expert on the demographics of the prostitution industry, but do a lot of black prostitutes have white pimps?

3 plead guilty in New Orleans to running
violent interstate prostitution ring

Three Memphis, Tennessee, men accused of enslaving and beating prostitutes in New Orleans pleaded guilty to federal charges [April 20], bringing to five the number of pimps convicted here in an interstate sex trafficking ring.
Christopher “Gutter” Williams, Duane “P-Nut” Phillips and Anthony “Animal” Ellis admitted to conspiring to commit sex trafficking. . . .
The self-styled pimps routinely beat their prostitutes and joked about it, prosecutors said.
They required the women to adhere to a strict code of behavior and took drastic measures to keep them from escaping. In at least one instance, Phillips required one of his women to get a tattoo that identified her as belonging to him.
“The women that he prostituted were not allowed to speak to or look at any other pimps,” court documents say. “On multiple occasions, Phillips ordered one of the women whom he had forced and coerced to prostitute to physically assault other women who had broken his rules.”
Williams demanded that his prostitutes refer to him as “Daddy” and show him respect at all times. He required them to earn at least $500 on a typical weekday and $800 on the weekend, taking all of their earnings.
Court documents say he sought to impregnate the women “because he thought that it would be harder for the women to leave him if they had a child with him.”
The documents say he would punch and kick women who disobeyed him, generally striking them on parts of their body that would not be visible in public. Once, however, he broke a woman’s nose. . . .
During a trip to Houston, Ellis ordered a prostitute who he said had disrespected him in front of other pimps to stand in the corner of a room, depriving her of food for eight or nine hours.
The men watched one another’s backs, bailing each other out of jail and keeping an eye on prostitutes belonging to a fellow pimp if he faced an extended period of incarceration. . . .
Ellis is the nephew of Granville Robinson, another alleged pimp charged in the case. Court documents say Robinson once struck a prostitute with a glass coffee pot and severely beat another woman with a piece of wood.
Two other Memphis men — Zacchaeus Taylor, described in court records as Phillips’ protégé, and LaQuentin “Nino” Brown — previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.

Now, I was not able to find mug shots of all these pimps, but click here to see a photo of LaQuentin “Nino” Brown, and it seems safe to assume that his associates in this Memphis/New Orleans pimping operation were of a similar ethnic persuasion. Consider this recent news article:

A Memphis man convicted last month of attempting to kill a Gentilly man, and who was also accused of pimping teenaged girls for sex in New Orleans, has been sentenced to 100 years in prison under Louisiana’s habitual offender law.
Timothy T. Jones, 25, received the punishment Friday (Sept. 4) from Criminal District Court Judge Karen Herman. She said Jones showed depraved indifference when he left the victim partially paralyzed following the Feb. 17, 2014, shooting. . . .
A New Orleans jury Aug. 26 found Jones guilty of attempted second-degree murder and three counts of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. He also awaits trial in U.S. District Court in New Orleans, where he’s accused of trafficking juvenile girls for prostitution.
He was convicted in state court of trying to kill a man in February 2014, shooting him twice in his home in the 2500 block of Gladiolus Street. That man, who refused to testify against Jones during last month’s trial, was an alleged pimp as well, authorities said.
Police and federal marshals arrested Jones on Feb. 11, 2014, in a hotel room in the 300 block of St. Joseph Street in the Warehouse District. Authorities went there seeking Christopher Williams, another alleged pimp.
During his arrest, police found a pistol and an AK-47 rifle in a room tied to Jones, whose previous robbery conviction in Tennessee meant he was barred from having guns. Police booked him with the gun offenses.
Days later, after posting bond, Jones shot the Gentilly man.

So while the feds were looking for the pimp Christopher “Gutter” Williams in this motel, they just accidentally found another pimp, Timothy Jones. After he posted bond, Jones then shot another pimp.

A similar ethnic persuasion, you see. The same demographic as Alvin Houston, 27, and Shawna Calhoun, 24, who were charged with pimping a 13-year-old runaway in Maine. The same demographic as South Carolina interstate sex trafficker “Pimpstick Quezzy.”

Far be it from me to generalize unfairly from such examples, and I really don’t want to contribute to any prejudicial stereotypes, but it does seem to me that we may discern a pattern here. And the pattern we may discern doesn’t fit the cinematic scenario that provoked a high-profile argument between Matt Damon and Effie Brown.

That is to say, white pimps slapping black prostitutes is probably about as rare in 21st-century America as South African arms dealers and billionaire neo-Nazis plotting to transform Europe into a fascist superstate. In other words, it’s the kind of inverted through-the-looking-glass social-justice fantasy Hollywood loves.

Ask yourself a few questions: If feminists want to save young girls from the violent misogyny of sex traffickers, why do we never read any columns from Amanda Marcotte or Jessica Valenti about LaQuentin “Nino” Brown, Timothy “King Lucci” Jones, or “George “Pimpstick Quezzy” McLeod? Is there a truce between feminists and pimps? Is this about “intersectionality”? Do feminists only care about crimes against women when they involve white frat boys at elite universities?

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