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Posted on | April 13, 2016 | 52 Comments

How Caitlin Dewey can be employed as a reporter is astonishing. The Washington Post has no moral or journalistic standards at all, but it’s still hard to believe they published Dewey’s factually challenged, dishonest and completely one-sided smear on #GamerGate:

This horrifying and newly trendy
online-harassment tactic is ruining careers

There are literal textbooks for online harassment, the original dating back to 1999. These “ruin-life” guides include tactics from doxing and SWATing to placing endangering or annoying ads in online classifieds.
As popular as those techniques remain, however, online harassers have learned that they can cause far more damage with a slightly less flashy and more methodical approach — you might even say the “hottest new trend” in harassment is opposition research.
The latest high-profile victim is Alison Rapp, formerly a spokesperson for Nintendo of America. Rapp has been in the crosshairs of an online mob since fall, when Nintendo changed several female characters in American versions of its games to make them less sexual. . . .
In between deconstructing her Amazon wishlist, surfacing anonymous social accounts and circulating copies of her undergraduate thesis, the self-styled investigators also found evidence that Rapp was working a mysterious second job — for which she was fired from Ninetendo on March 30. . . .


Who “ruined” Alison Rapp’s career, Ms. Dewey? Alison Rapp, that’s who.

You have published zero evidence that being “in the crosshairs of an online mob” was the reason for Rapp’s firing, Ms. Dewey, nor have you apparently undertaken any effort to determine (a) whether Rapp was peddling her ass on the Internet, (b) whether this alleged ass-peddling was the cause of her firing, and certainly not (c) whether it was the “online mob” that reported this alleged ass-peddling to Ninendo. What you have done, instead of actually reporting the story, is to repeat the tendentious claims of the SJW crowd, contending that #GamerGate is about nothing except “harassment,” “misogyny” and general all-around Wrongthink.

You are lazy, Ms. Dewey, and it is a great mystery how you have managed to convince the editors of the Washington Post that you are worth whatever they’re paying you. By my count, you’ve had nine bylines in the past three weeks, and if your absurd thinly-sourced “reporting” about the Alison Rapp scandal is typical of your work, I can’t imagine what you’re doing with all your spare time. Meanwhile, Cynthia Than at Inc. magazine shows what real reporting looks like:

Alison Rapp, a product marketing specialist at Nintendo, has been fired after protests from gamers, parents, and anti-child-abuse activists drew attention to a paper she wrote in college. The essay, which can be found on her LinkedIn profile, is titled, “Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws” and argues for the legalization of child pornography.
Jamie Walton, president of the Wayne Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights sex trafficking, contacted Nintendo to complain about Rapp. She was then terminated, which created even more controversy, with people jumping in to argue that her dismissal was sexist (“She was fired for doing literally nothing other than being a woman”) to completely justified (“Nintendo was absolutely right to fire pedophile advocate, Alison Rapp”). . . .
Nintendo’s public statement says that Rapp wasn’t fired for moonlighting, but because her second job was “in conflict with [their] culture” — a reference made to online allegations made about Rapp by male critics. . . .
I contacted Rapp multiple times to give her an opportunity to confirm or deny these allegations, or provide context for her essay. She refused to answer any of my questions, and then promptly blocked me on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you, Ms. Than, for asking the obvious questions.

UPDATE: Damn, this kind of shoddy stuff from the Washington Post makes me angry. You know, Ethan Ralph isn’t a professional journalist, but he has been running rings around some professional journalists on this Rapp story and why? Because he cares about facts.

Alison Rapp is a “victim” of nothing but her own stupidity.



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  1. Kirby McCain
    April 15th, 2016 @ 3:01 pm

    When you have any group that is predominantly white and male, it’s game on for the left. I would have to bet many of the gamers consider themselves to be liberal. In preparing to return to work I visited the Concentra office in Marietta Georgia and the number of white males employed there, zero. The Drivers Services office, zero. Austell VA clinic, one. He’s about seventy and ready to retire, I’m sure. That my friend is diversity. Learn it, love it, live it.

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