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New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti!

Posted on | May 29, 2016 | 78 Comments


Jessica Valenti has written a memoir, Sex Object, that is exactly what you would expect — a vengeful diatribe against heterosexual men.

Like most other feminists, Valenti is oblivious to the fact that her relentlessly negative portrayal of men is just anti-male propaganda. No woman can expect any success as a professional feminist unless she conveys this message: All men are evil, and all women are their victims.

To form your opinion of men based on the writing of feminists is like studying Jewish culture by reading Mein Kampf. Yet like other feminists, Jessica Valenti denies that she hates men. Perhaps not, but she and her comrades certainly incite anti-male attitudes and promote negative stereotypes of men and, most particularly, stigmatize male sexuality.

Normal male attraction to women, particularly male admiration of beauty, is condemned by feminists as “objectification.” While we may deplore superficiality or an idolatrous obsession with physical appearance, there is nothing inherently wrong with the pleasure we derive from beauty, nor is it scandalous that good-looking people (male or female) are highly desired as romantic partners. This is simply human nature, which cannot be changed by any amount of political rhetoric.

Does Jessica Valenti suppose that a “nerd rights” movement could make guys with high SAT scores as popular with women as NBA All-Stars? No, of course not — the geek in the Math Club might become a software billionaire and buy an NBA franchise someday, but young women still chase after the 6-foot-7 power forward, and not the 5-foot-7 nerd.

Why, then, does Jessica Valenti suppose that complaining about the “objectification” of women — feminist jargon for normal male interest in women’s beauty — can accomplish any real change in the social hierarchy? In an excerpt from her book published by the U.K. Guardian, we learn that, as a girl, Valenti was insecure about her looks, and wanted to be liked by cute boys who didn’t like her as much as she liked them:

I wrote in my diary at the time, I’m so ugly I can’t stand it. I have a big gross nose, pimples, hairy arms. I will never have a boy like me or a boyfriend. All of my friends are pretty and I will be the one with no one.
I was feeling that loneliness acutely at the time, because I was obsessed with a boy named Matt. Matt — the first in a long line of blond boys I would fall for — told me once that I would be so, so pretty if not for my big nose. All I heard was, he thought I could be pretty! . . .
I imagined all of the things that would go right if I were just to have a smaller nose. I would have a boyfriend and the girls in school would stop making fun of me.

OK, let’s get a show of hands here: Who was insecure about their looks as a teenager? Everybody? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Unlike feminists, however, sane people don’t turn their adolescent woes into a lifelong political crusade. We do not resort to a crypto-Marxist “dialectic” (thank you, Shulamith Firestone) to rationalize whatever bothered us as kids, nor do we have an all-encompassing theory of our “oppression” to justify ourselves in clinging to childhood grudges and lashing out at scapegoats we blame for our disadvantages and dissatisfactions.

Would I have liked to date Carol Purdy or Vicky Jones in middle school? Would I have been pleased if my fondness had been reciprocated by Janet Howton, Priscilla Yates or any of the dozens of other girls I had crushes on during my childhood and youth? Of course. However, I was an immature skinny class clown and it was not until I was 18 that I began to “hit my stride,” so to speak, and my belated success so greatly exceeded my early failures that I can laugh at the memory of my childish insecurities and adolescent loneliness. Most adults get over their teenage heartbreaks, so why do feminists like Jessica Valenti seem to spend their lives in a campaign of vengeance based on their unhappy youth?

Feminist ideology is mostly rationalized self-pity — a quixotic crusade for “equality” as the imagined solution to personal misery — and as such is an exercise in irrational futility. The Women’s Liberation movement erupted with a protest at the Miss America pageant in 1968, when I was just starting fourth grade. Almost half a century later, Jessica Valenti is getting paid to recycle the same familiar arguments. Beauty pageants “epitomize the roles we are all forced to play as women,” the feminist protesters declared in 1968, proclaiming that “women in our society [are] forced daily to compete for male approval, enslaved by ludicrous ‘beauty’ standards we ourselves are conditioned to take seriously.”

Never mind whether that indictment of the Miss America pageant was fair or accurate. Even if we stipulate, arguendo, that the protesters had some legitimate grievances, still we must ask, what have nearly five decades of feminist activism done to change women’s lives? Are ugly girls any happier in 2016 than they were in 1968? Are women still “enslaved by ludicrous ‘beauty’ standards”? And why, in order to justify their vindictive rage against males, do feminists resort to propaganda tactics?

Feminists seize on atrocity narratives to demonize males, deliberately exaggerating the frequency of “men’s violence against women” in order to promote an attitude of sexual paranoia (“Fear and Loathing of the Penis”) that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for women to form healthy relationships with men.

That’s from “Anti-Male Propaganda: Understanding Feminism’s Use of Atrocity Narratives,” a 3,700-word post I published last week, and do you suppose that any feminist on the planet would acknowledge such a critique? Of course not. Feminists can never admit that what they are actually doing is fomenting a totalitarian ideology of hatred using dishonest methods pioneered from Marxist-Leninist regimes in the 20th century. The Comintern and the KGB, the Red Guards in China and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia — anyone who has studied Communist propaganda tactics can trace the origins of the slanderous rhetoric of feminism. Males have replaced the capitalist bourgeoisie as the “class enemy” in the feminist adaptation of Marxist ideology, and women are to feminist theory what the “proletariat” was to Marx. Catharine MacKinnon frankly acknowledged feminism’s debt to Marxism in her 1989 classic Toward a Feminist Theory of the State. What Professor MacKinnon did not foresee, however, was that the Soviet empire was on the verge of its final collapse into the “ash heap of history.” Why should we expect feminism to succeed when Marxism failed? This is a question feminists continue to ignore. You can read Kate Weigand’s Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation and find no acknowledgement of the underlying doubts about feminism’s future that are raised by a study of Communism’s historical failure.

Instead, feminists continue their ceaseless campaign of slander. Tales of wrongdoing by male criminals are used to imply collective guilt: “See? Here is psychotic mass murderer Elliot Rodger — typical sexist!” Murderers, rapists, pornographers, pimps — despicable criminals and perverts constantly appear in feminist rhetoric, symbolizing all men as participants in a system of oppression in which all women are victims.

Consider this excerpt from Jessica Valenti’s book:

The two worst times for dicks on the New York subway: when the train car is empty or when it’s crowded. As a teenager, if I found myself in an empty car, I would immediately leave — even if it meant changing cars as the train moved, which terrified me. Because, if I didn’t, I just knew the guy sitting across from me would inevitably lift his newspaper to reveal a semihard cock, and even if he wasn’t planning on it, I sure wasn’t going to sit there and worry about it for the whole ride.
On crowded train cars I didn’t see dicks – I felt them. Pressing into my hip, men pretending that the rocking up against me was just because of the jostling of the train.
The first time I saw a penis on the subway, I was on the platform for the N train three blocks from my house in Queens, on my way to school. I was 12. I had just missed a train, so I was the only person there other than a man all the way at the other end of the platform. He was so far away that I could see only the outline of his shape, but soon I noticed his hand moving furiously – and that he was walking quickly towards me with his penis in his hand. I had always thought myself prepared for something like this; I knew I was supposed to yell or run, but I just stood there. I didn’t look away or turn around, and even though I felt my knees giving out, my feet felt strongly planted to the ground.

Let us ask: Are all men in New York City depraved perverts?

On an average weekday, 5.7 million people ride New York’s subway system, and if half of those passengers are male, then there are nearly 2.9 million men riding those trains. Are all these men just waiting for an opportunity to grope a teenager or flash their penis at a 12-year-old girl?

I hate New York City, and therefore I will answer YES!

Men in New York are certainly the worst men on the planet. Jessica Valenti is correct: Every man in the city is some kind of disgusting freak.

Oh, sure, these men claim they’re riding the subway back and forth to their so-called “jobs,” but feminists know that the real reason men use those trains is to obtain kinky sexual thrills by rubbing up against women or committing indecent exposure. So, because New York City is swarming with so many millions of rapists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, sadomasochists, child molesters and serial killers, Jessica Valenti would have us believe that all men are as bad as the subhuman creeps who ride the subway trains in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Just days ago, I said that “as a father, I would never want my daughter living in a wretched hive of scum and villainy like New York City.” Men there are notoriously bad, yet Jessica Valenti still lives in New York, and is raising her daughter there. Having been sexually terrorized all her life by the awful men of New York, why doesn’t Jessica Valenti leave the city? Why not move to a lesbian separatist community in Alabama?

Never expect an answer to questions like that from any member of the feminist cult. Jessica Valenti will continue pretending that the rest of us are too stupid to notice the obvious flaws in her warped worldview, nor will she acknowledge that the profound dishonesty of her anti-male hate propaganda is apparent to any student of rhetoric.

No, Jessica Valenti will never adjust her belief system to reality, because this would require her to get over her childhood grudge about the misfortune of being a big-nosed girl with hairy arms, the kind that blond boys named Matt didn’t like. Instead, she will continue telling atrocity tales — men who ride New York subways are perverts, therefore all men are evil — and pretending that she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing: Encouraging other women to hate men as much as she hates men, because the basic problem in the world, according to feminist ideology, is that women don’t hate men as much as men deserve to be hated.

Jessica Valenti may get old, but she will never grow up.



78 Responses to “New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti!”

  1. Joe Joe
    May 29th, 2016 @ 6:21 pm

    “In short other men HATE the pervs who do this to our sisters, mothers
    and wives and a large part of the “patriarchy” Jessica hates is devoted
    to trying to keep these people from having the opportunity to strike, by
    doing things like segregated bathrooms and so on.”


  2. feeriker
    May 29th, 2016 @ 6:51 pm

    At this point I have to ask why anybody is dignifying Jessica Valenti (or anything she writes) with any attention at all. It’s akin to recognizing as an artist or writer the person who defaces a building with illegible spraypainted graffiti, or the toddler who throws a tantrum in public after not getting what they want as an abused, deprived child.

    In all cases it reflects more poorly on the judgment of the person paying attention than on the behavior of the person in focus.

  3. Steve Skubinna
    May 29th, 2016 @ 7:07 pm

    For sex, women need the mood.

    Men just need the opportunity.

  4. Steve Skubinna
    May 29th, 2016 @ 7:11 pm

    Not only is lethal force permitted in (probably) every jurisdiction in the US to prevent rape, but normal American men would readily employ it themselves to stop it.

    By “normal” I mean “not urban.” While I expect that there are plenty of men living in urban America who would step up to prevent a rape, the ideal form of the metrosexual urban hipster certainly would not. He would however video it on his phone to put on YouTube.

  5. Joe Joe
    May 29th, 2016 @ 7:13 pm

    A sad commentary on the castrated metrosexual. That’s the plan for all of us once they get our firearms.

  6. Steve Skubinna
    May 29th, 2016 @ 7:15 pm

    She is not some frustrated college SJW raging on Tumblr, but a professional writer. She is paid to write what she does. Ignoring her will not make her go away any more than it will erase the likes of Andrea Dworkin or Shulamith Firestone or Kate Millet.

    These people are writing the textbooks and teaching the courses in our colleges and universities. They’re not fringe characters, but the defining force of modern feminism. You may as well ignore the Islamists (the fact that most Western governments are doing just that doesn’t make it a valid approach).

  7. Joe Joe
    May 29th, 2016 @ 7:51 pm

  8. mole
    May 29th, 2016 @ 8:07 pm

    Not actively countering the original feminist “professors” now means their crap can be taught, quoted and referred to for further University sanctioned empire building.

    Because in university ‘citations” are everything, if you cite crap it doesnt matter it can be used as a foundation for the crap you will add to the next layer of the crap tower of Babel.
    By allowing “muh feels’ based “research” the university sector locked course and put thrusters on full towards a black hole of crap.

  9. Fail Burton
    May 29th, 2016 @ 8:15 pm

    Mainstreaming hate speech is news, buddy.

  10. Anita Henry
    May 29th, 2016 @ 10:43 pm

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  11. Fail Burton
    May 30th, 2016 @ 12:58 am

    I am on the subway and this is my sad face. It is sad to be on the subway. My life is an analogy to the underworld of Hades. I pay my fare and the boatman takes me to a freak show of two-headed dogs and perverts. I am Eurydice but no one is coming to rescue me, so I get off at the next stop and hope no one notices my nose or that I am a girl. I have a very big nose, probably the biggest in Hades. I should have my own personal subway car, maybe one made out of gold and with Gatling guns for big nose perverts. I don’t like two-headed dogs, I don’t.

  12. Stuck-Record
    May 30th, 2016 @ 2:15 am

    Douglas Adams foresaw this long, long ago.

    From the radio version of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’

    “The major problem which the medical profession in the most advanced sectors of the galaxy had to tackle – after cures had been found for all the major diseases, and instant repair systems had been invented for all physical injuries and disablements except some of the more advanced forms of death – was that of employment. Planets full of bronzed, healthy, clean-limbed individuals merrily prancing through their lives meant that the only doctors still in business were the psychiatrists – simply because no one had discovered a cure for the universe as a whole, or rather, the only one that did exist had been abolished by the medical doctors. Then it was noticed, that like most forms of medical treatment, total cures had a lot of unpleasant side effects. Boredom, listlessness, lack of – well anything very much, and with these conditions came the realisation that nothing turned, say, a slightly talented musician, into a towering genius faster than the problem of encroaching deafness. And nothing turned a perfectly normal, healthy individual into a great political or military leader better than irreversible brain damage. Suddenly everything changed. Previously best-selling books such as ’How I Survived an Hour With a Sprained Finger’ were swept away in a flood of titles such as ’How I Scaled the North Face of the Megaperna With a Perfectly Healthy Finger But Everything Else Sprained, Broken, or Bitten Off by a Pack of Mad Yaks’. And so doctors were back in business – recreating all the diseases and injuries they had abolished – in popular, easy-to-use forms. Thus, given the right and instantly available types of disability, even something as simple as turning on the Three-D T.V. could become a major challenge. And when all the programs on all the channels actually were made by actors with cleft-palettes, speaking lines by dyslexic writers, filmed by blind cameramen, instead of merely seeming like that, it somehow made the whole thing more worthwhile.”

  13. Dana
    May 30th, 2016 @ 8:22 am

    So, what do we have with Mrs Golis? We have a reasonably attractive white woman who appears to be naturally slender, who has managed, through her writing talent, to rise above the economic class into which she was born, who managed to rob the cradle and pick up a husband six years her junior, a husband who also manages to work around the New York literati, complaining that she wasn’t the absolutest most cutest girl in junior high.

    An obvious question: what about the not-so-naturally-slender girls, the ones who came from extremely poor homes, the ones who do not and never will lead the lifestyle of Mrs Golis?

    Mrs Golis is complaining that she encountered, at an age really too young to understand everything, some perverts on the subway. She was shocked and scared and offended, but never actually assaulted. What about the black girls, trapped in urban ghettos, surrounded by drugs and violence?

    Mrs Golis told us that her huge honker didn’t seem to be as much of a problem once she went through puberty and grew noticeable breasts. Given that her photos don’t show a woman with 38DDs, but fairly normally-sized, match-the-rest-of-her-body boobs, it wasn’t that she had a somehow spectacular rack, but that she was reasonably attractive. Her Danny Thomas schnoz didn’t seem to be so Danny Thomas that the guys didn’t like her.

    I’m having a difficult time finding a lot of sympathy for her. It all seems like it wasn’t a real problem for her, as she’s now attempting to make a profit on her (pumped up?) teen angst. What most of us grew out of, she is using to inflate her bank account.

  14. Steve Skubinna
    May 30th, 2016 @ 9:39 am

    That’s a somewhat less dystopian take on Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron.

    Same issue, as viewed by two wildly different comic intellects.

  15. Steve Skubinna
    May 30th, 2016 @ 9:41 am

    Don’t you wish you had my problems, you ugly cows?

  16. coachanthony
    May 30th, 2016 @ 1:01 pm

    No problem: we will just deploy Thought Police who will spoon out the eyes of the offenders.

  17. Mike G.
    May 30th, 2016 @ 3:37 pm

    You posed 4 questions. The answer is probably All of the above, but most assuredly the last.

  18. Brycedavid
    May 30th, 2016 @ 7:47 pm

    According to Jessica Valenti : Everyone wants Jessica Valenti

  19. REW
    May 31st, 2016 @ 7:51 am

    She’s right about one thing. She has a big nose.

  20. wolfie773
    May 31st, 2016 @ 10:03 am

    Instead of a book deal she needs several sessions of therapy.

  21. JLawson
    May 31st, 2016 @ 10:37 am

    She’s afraid of the men in NY, but apparently terrified of leaving it.

    It’s rather hard to feel sorry for her…

  22. JLawson
    May 31st, 2016 @ 10:38 am

    She’s probably in therapy at this point. It’s a lifestyle thing, where she can have her problems constantly reinforced by griping at a therapist who goes “And what do you think about that?”

  23. JosephBleau
    May 31st, 2016 @ 11:57 am

    ” and wanted to be liked by cute boys who didn’t like her as much as she liked them:”
    Why was she objectifying those “cute boys” that way? Why the sense of entitlement to have her desire reciprocated? Why was she so shallow she could not feel that way about the nice dorks that were more in her league, and who probably liked her back? She sounds a lot like Elliot Rodger.

  24. Forbes
    May 31st, 2016 @ 12:14 pm

    I must not be paying attention. I’ve lived (as an adult) in NYC for 29 years, and never observed the scenes so vividly described by Jessica Valenti–perhaps her imagination has gotten the better of her. Though, admittedly, I don’t spend any time staring at men’s crotches as she apparently does…it does seem an obsession of hers.

  25. Bandit
    May 31st, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

    CRBF hag

  26. JosephBleau
    May 31st, 2016 @ 12:31 pm

    Imagine how wistful she’ll be when pervs stop flashing her and jerking off for her.

  27. My Article Read (5-30-2016) – Br Andrew's Muses
    May 31st, 2016 @ 9:13 pm

    […] New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti! […]

  28. patriarchal landmine
    May 31st, 2016 @ 10:36 pm

    unfortunately, feminism has won the gender war, by fighting no one but little boys and divorced dads.

    and they have tremendous support in the legal system thanks to team woman and their white knights.