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More @MGTOW Issues

Posted on | August 15, 2016 | 1 Comment


My survey question aimed at “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) has produced more than 150 comments so far, and I thank everyone who has contributed to the discussion. What inspires my curiosity about this, beyond my research interest in radical feminism, is trying to understand what the dating scene looks like from the perspective of young single guys. Being 56 and married for 27 years, it is difficult for me to know what it’s like out there among singles except that I gather — based on reading what young feminists say — it is generally quite bad. Obviously, if men and women were pairing off and finding happiness together, there would be no feminist movement. Feminism is the organized politics of unhappy women and, no matter how much of their misery is self-inflicted, young women wouldn’t be filling the Internet with angry anti-male rants if the romantic scene had not become completely toxic.

The question occurs to me, “How would I play the game, if I were a young man, under the conditions as they now exist?” Clearly, the rules of the game have changed, but if human nature is immutable — as any conservative must believe — then many factors will remain constant.

What is necessary, it seems to me, is for men to take a strategic view of the game, for each man to analyze his own situation rationally, because I believe one of the great truths is this: Winners win and losers lose.

“Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity,” and the young man has to ask himself (a) what is it I am preparing for? and (b) what does an opportunity look like? The goal of the game — a loving and durable marriage, producing happy and successful children — hasn’t changed. What has changed are the social and economic incentives, and the cultural context within which the game is played.

One shrewd strategy, if you feel that the game is rigged against you, is to start playing by your own rules — “counter-programming,” going against the grain, playing the game differently than you’re “supposed” to play. In other words, if everybody else seems to be following a certain script, and you realize that this script doesn’t actually work (or, at least, it doesn’t work well for you as an individual) then improvise a script of your own, to overcome your disadvantages and win despite the odds against you.

MGTOW is a sort of counter-programming, and one which makes sense in the world of feminist “equality.” The downside risks of romantic involvement have greatly increased for men in recent decades. Today’s young man is wary of marriage because he is at much greater risk of divorce than was his grandfather. Becoming a husband and father makes him vulnerable to abusive and vindictive treatment by the Crazy Ex-Wife From Hell, a notorious type who seems to be quite common nowadays.

However, before a young man can begin to assess this particular risk — dating a woman long enough to assess her character — he must navigate a dangerous obstacle course. Even the mildest flirtation with a woman can expose him to accusations of “harassment,” so no smart man would dare attempt to date a co-worker, and the college dating scene has been rendered impossible by a vehement anti-male sentiment on campus that routinely results in false accusations of rape. In the 21st century, a young man can never safely pursue romance with a girl from school or a female co-worker, because the penalty for a bad breakup with his girlfriend could be catastrophic in such circumstances. Therefore, he must find some way to meet women outside these high-risk situations.

What would a counter-programming romantic strategy look like? This is not for me to prescribe, because each individual’s situation is different. The key point is to abandon the cookie-cutter pattern (which is quite visibly producing so many disasters), to improvise and experiment, to try unorthodox methods and find a way to win.

Let’s hear from a critic of MGTOW philosophy:

For years I was a angry, bitter man. I was angry at how many women picked bad men over good men, how fathers were being mistreated in family courts, how the divorce laws were designed to favor women over men, and the constant lies of feminists being accepted as fact. All this made me give up on women and hate the world. But after a long time, I finally realized that I was falling right into the hands of the people behind this evil agenda. Let me elaborate:
This is no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy fact that there are evil forces in the world that are hellbent on overthrowing marriage and family. If you take a good look at the system we live in — the divorce laws, the media, TV dramas, Hollywood movies, feminism etc — it is all designed to undermine love and commitment, and encourage promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, single motherhood etc. Not only that, but governments and radical feminists are pushing for more laws to be passed to further drive a wedge between men and women. . . .
However, MGTOW is not the answer. The powers that be — the evil people behind this agenda — would like nothing more than for men to give up on relationships. When they see men getting angry at women and giving up on relationships, they sit back and laugh. That’s exactly what they want. They want men to hate women. They want men to go their own way. It’s all part of their evil scheme. The way to hurt these people is to do the opposite of what they want. They cannot tolerate people being happy. One thing these people can’t stand is men and women getting along and being in a happy committed relationship based on love.

You can read the rest. One of the things I like to point out is that there are 3.5 billion women on this planet, and all a guy really needs is one.

MGTOW is a philosophy that makes sense in a scary world where so many women are human IEDs of toxic insanity who are just looking for a male target on whom they can inflict their destructive craziness. As a father, I constantly warn my teenage sons to be careful, and never to go anywhere near a herpes-infected feminist like Emily Depasse, just like I warn my teenage daughter never to become such a pathetic waste.

Too many parents have failed to warn their children about the dangers in this world, as I warned about the deranged freaks on Tumblr:

Let any intelligent adult think back over the developments of the past 15 or 20 years, and then imagine where our society might be in 2030 or 2040, if nothing is done to alter the current cultural trajectory. . . . We are traveling rapidly down a road proverbially paved with good intentions, and trying to fireproof our children is the best any parent can hope to do.

People need to wake the hell up.



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