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Hate Group @SJPUTK Want Jews to Die

Posted on | August 17, 2016 | Comments Off on Hate Group @SJPUTK Want Jews to Die


Muslim students and other anti-Israel activists at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (UTK) have created a “hostile environment” for Jewish students on campus, according to watchdogs, but the university’s administration seems to be blind to the terrorist threat:

Canary Mission, a secretive watchdog group that compiles dossiers on students and academics it accuses of anti-Semitism, claimed in two releases earlier this month that it found dozens of problematic social media posts by current and former members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at UTK.
Some of those posts incited or personally threatened violence, it has claimed.
In response to the administration’s subsequent denials that the campus is infested with rampant anti-Semitism, Canary Mission and Jewish campus groups doubled down, demanding stronger denunciations of the “cesspool” created by the Muslim student groups.
Canary Mission told The Algemeiner Aug. 4 it found a “disturbing trend” of anti-Semitic behavior reflected in social media posts by SJP and MSA members, naming six in particular.
The administration initially responded that the watchdog group, which declines to identify its membership, had overstated campus hostilities toward Jewish students.
It told WATE Aug. 9 that the administration “does not condone” the alleged anti-Semitic statements – seven posts over five years – but believed that the current and former students “were within their constitutional rights to post their personal viewpoints,” and they were not “made on behalf of any of our student organizations.” . . .
Last October, UTK SJP Vice President Fatima Itmaizah switched her Facebook profile picture to a graphic apparently advocating a violent solution to the existence of Jewish people in the Holy Land. . . .
Mohamed Ali, a member of SJP and MSA, tweeted April 7, 2015: “I feel so incredibly irritable right now. No idea why…Just feel like kicking a Zionist tbh [to be honest].” . . .

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.) We are two years away from the 70th anniversary of the founding of modern Israel, which occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust in Europe. Two generations later, many young people have been indoctrinated with a left-wing “social justice” worldview which gives credence to the slanderous claim that Arabs and Muslims are victims of oppression under Jewish “apartheid” in Israel. This false belief bears no resemblance to the reality of the situation, and is simply anti-Jewish propaganda that inspires terrorism. The history of this conflict, and of the Middle East generally, suggests that if the advocates of Israel’s destruction were to get what they want — i.e., the death of every Jew in “Palestine” — this would plunge the Arab population of the region into a nightmare existence under a radical Islamic terrorist regime.

Destroying Israel will not solve the problems of Palestinians, but the bloodthirsty prejudice of radical Muslims isn’t about solving problems. Their agenda is not about “peace,” it’s about dead Jews.

Why the hell are fanatical Jew-hating advocates of terrorism being tolerated at the University of Tennessee? Expel them all.



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