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Update From The Patriarchy™

Posted on | September 6, 2016 | 1 Comment

The Patriarchy™ had a busy day, as today was grandson Alexander’s first birthday, which he spent with me. My daughter-in-law is back in college pursuing her nursing degree, and now her oldest boy (James, who will soon turn 3) is old enough for the preschool program at the college, so it’s just me and Alexander four days a week. Today I had him for almost eight hours, but he took a nap for two of those. Here’s a little video — nothing in particular happening, just him playing on the living room floor:

Is that an explanation for my lack of blogging today, or just an excuse? Never mind.  While I was busy today with McCain 3.0, Ace of Spades was absolutely destroying Lena Dunham in a rant so brutally hard you could cut diamonds with it. Really, I don’t want to spoil it for you by quoting too much, but at one point, Ace calls feminism “a self-justifying, ego-stroking fake ‘politics’ which is no politics or philosophy at all but just a series of wildly inconsistent self-validations, a pseudopolitical hash of self-justifications united only by the basic theme that they should have whatever they want and should not have whatever they don’t want.”

To which I can only add, “Amen! Preach it, brother!”

The proximate cause of Ace’s glorious rant was, of course, the ridiculous reaction of Lena Dunham to being seated next to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. at a celebrity event in New York. Beckham was busy looking at his phone and ignoring her and so, in her warped mind, Dunham decided this NFL superstar was dissing her.


Let’s just state the obvious: Odell Beckham Jr. is 100% USDA Prime Beef. He was a first-round draft pick in 2014, and in each of his first two NFL seasons, he had more than 90 catches with total receiving of more than 1,300 yards. Against the Cowboys in 2014, Beckham had a Dallas safety hanging all over him when he made an absolutely insane one-handed catch for a touchdown that was instantly acclaimed “Catch of the Year.” The man is a phenomenal athletic specimen and there are probably no less than half a million women in New York City who, if they ever got within arm’s length of this 23-year-old millionaire, would strip naked and break down in tears begging him, “Do me, Odell! Do me right here, right now! I want to have your babies!” Lena Dunham, by contrast . . .

Well, she bears an unfortunate resemblance to a potato.

Don’t accuse me of “fat-shaming” here, because (a) being a Southern boy, I don’t mind a gal with some more cushion for the pushin’ as they say down home, and (b) losing weight wouldn’t solve Lena’s problem.

The girl is just psychologically damaged, and even if she looked as good as Kate Upton, she’d be nothing but a nuisance to any man who ever became involved with her. On the other hand, if she looked like Kate Upton, some guys might put up with it, but Lena Dunham doesn’t have what it takes to make guys tolerate her craziness. Not only is she ugly, but she’s also bitter about her ugliness, and if you were Odell Beckham Jr., you wouldn’t bother talking to Lena Dunham, either.

Men and women are different — this is the fundamental fact of human nature that feminists have never been able to accept. It is probably a waste of time to explain to Lena Dunham that no matter how much career success a woman has, her fame and wealth do not enhance her attractiveness to men. Kate Upton is famous for her looks, but she would be just as attractive if she were serving omelettes at IHOP. Kate Upton’s fame may help her pay the bills, but Major League All-Star Justin Verlander isn’t interested in her money, OK? More than 40 years of feminist activism in pursuit of “gender equality” has not changed human nature, which is why so many high-achieving women are permanently angry at men. Federal law entitles women to compete against men for high-status employment, but scrambling to the top of the corporate ladder does not produce social benefits for women in the same way men benefit from success. Why? Because men and women are different.

If a man even attempts to explain this to feminists, however, he’ll be interrupted before he can finish two sentences, shouted down and condemned as an ignorant misogynist — a patriarchal oppressor.

Don’t blame the player, sweetheart, blame the game. And guess what? You are never going to change the game. Not in a million years. Basic human nature is a permanent fact of existence, and all your feminist noise — your “ego-stroking fake ‘politics’ which is no politics or philosophy at all,” as Ace so brilliantly described it — will not alter human nature. Parents have to teach their children about human nature, and when I see young feminists who think they can change the rules of the game, my conclusion is that their parents failed to teach them properly. Girls chasing boys simply doesn’t work, as Dr. Alan Grant rather famously explained: “T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt. Can’t just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.”


As a young-earth creationist, I don’t believe the “65 million years” part, but you don’t have to believe in Darwinism to get the point. Some things are simply a matter of nature, and if the T-Rex isn’t hunting — if you’re a woman and men aren’t pursuing you — the question is why?

Women have many advantages in the War of the Sexes, but feminists aren’t interested in teaching women how to win the game. If Lena Dunham ends up as a lonely, childless Crazy Cat Lady, feminists will consider that a “win” for their movement — welcome to the Darwinian Dead End. However, it requires no special skill to be unloved, and it is not an achievement to be unhappy, whereas attracting a mate, creating a family together and raising your children to become good people requires determination, persistence and sacrifice. Feminists encourage young women to be “liberated” from men, marriage and motherhood, a goal that is easy enough to reach for women who make a lifelong habit of deliberately insulting men, the way Lena Dunham does.

The game never really changes, however. Winners win and losers lose, and The Patriarchy™ doesn’t care if the result makes Lena Dunham angry.

Yeah, there he is — my grandson, one year old and, of course, all the ladies love him. He’s a happy boy, but when I tried to feed him lunch today, he didn’t want to be fed. T-Rex wants to hunt.

Don’t hate the player, sweetheart.



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