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Posted on | November 9, 2016 | 1 Comment

1:02 a.m. ET WEDNESDAY: It’s over.

Incredible. Donald Trump is winning PennsylvaniaPennsylvania! A state no Republican has won since 1992.

UPDATE 1:15 a.m.: Keep in mind, I said a month ago, Trump was doomed. And I was wrong. Like almost everybody else, I underestimated the intensity of anger driving this Trump vote, and even underestimated how much America hates Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, my wife and I voted, and then we came home to watch the results. Actually, I was lying on the sofa reading a book, and only half paying attention to what was on TV, until about 9:30 p.m., when the results out of Virginia, Florida and North Carolina showed much better results than anyone had expected. Clinton narrowly won Virginia, but the numbers kept coming in and Trump kept leading in Florida, and I was like, “Hmmm.”

UPDATE 1:25 a.m.: Meanwhile, the ultimate battleground state, Ohio — Trump won huge in Ohio, with a margin of more than 450,000 votes. OK, so Hillary could lose Ohio and still win the election, but could she lose Ohio and Florida and still win? For about an hour we were watching CNN, where John King kept doing calculations on the county-by-county map of Florida: What percent of the precincts were reporting in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties?

And then Michigan — whoa! Michigan? Trump could seriously win Michigan? The mind begins to boggle at such a prospect. Surely, this was a delusion, an impossible dream for a Republican. But it was real.

UPDATE 1:40 a.m.: As of this hour, Michigan is still “too close to call,” with Trump leading by about 70,000 votes and 82% of precincts reporting, but he’s got a 90,000-vote lead in Wisconsin with 89% reporting, and I’m calling that a win for Trump. And for crying out loud — Pennsylvania! Still officially “too close to call,” but he’s up by 70,000 voters with 97% of precincts reporting, and if he adds Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, it’s over. Trump wins, no matter what happens in Michigan.

UPDATE 1:55 a.m.: Liberals are losing it:

Around 10 p.m., Hollywood stars began to panic. Hillary Clinton wasn’t as far ahead as they had expected her to be. In fact, the race was far from a landslide. Reflecting the anxiety of the Tinsel Town set, actress Mia Farrow re-tweeted a NYT poll showing that, as of 9:40 pm, Trump had a 55-percent chance of winning the election. As a comment on the tweet, she simply posted: “Xanax.”
Several celebrities indicated suffering physical symptoms. Funny or Die comedian and actor Billy Eichner posted: “Still feeling confident but about to throw up.” After tweeting “And Trump has closed a wide gap in North Carolina. Another shot, please,” Dan Savage commented “I’m going to puke.” Later in the evening, he intimated that death would come as sweet relief in the event of a Trump presidency. “Colorado approves assisted suicide,” he noted about an article from a local Colorado news outlet. “That’s going to come in handy.”
Model Emily Ratajkowski tweeted “Ok I’m getting really nervous,” while Khloe Kardashian expressed her view that “it shouldn’t be this close.”

You know who’s crying tonight? Feminists.



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