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Women’s Studies Professor Accuses Trump Supporters of ‘Terrorism’

Posted on | November 23, 2016 | 1 Comment


Donald Trump’s supporters are not “equal” to Democrats, a University of New Hampshire professor said in a Facebook post blaming Republicans for “terrorism” against women, gays and minorities.

Professor Siobhan Senier, a member of the core faculty of the UNH Women’s Studies program, criticized Trump supporters in a message to university officials demanding punishment of students who counter-protested at an anti-Trump walkout rally on the campus. The Nov. 15 walkout was supported by the Women’s Studies department which encouraged students to use their facilities to make anti-Trump signs.

Two counter-protesters turned out at the UNH protest in costumes depicting former president Richard Nixon and Harambe the Gorilla. This provoked Professor Senier’s letter to UNH President Mark W. Huddleston and Provost Nancy Targett, posted on Facebook.

“I applaud your recent affirmation, in your post-election letter to the community, of ‘our university’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and mutual respect,” Professor Senier wrote:

At the same time, many of us who received that letter were concerned that it treated “all sides” as equal. And yet no critically thinking person can say that people supporting and people opposing Donald Trum are “equal.” Trump’s campaign traded on an unprecedented and indeed uncivil level of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and xenophobia. As the College Democrats so astutely pointed out on their event Facebook page, this does not mean everyone who voted for Trump are themselves bigots, but it is to point out that Trump supporters are not remotely vulnerable to the kinds of terrorism already being leveled against women, people of color, LGBTQ people, Muslims and others. . . .
President Huddleston and Provost Targett, I would urge you not to take refuge behind the kind of bland “we’re-all-in-this-together” line that is currently so prevalent in public discourse. I implore you, instead, to take a strong stand on behalf of our most vulnerable students, faculty and staff.


Professor Senier’s message was echoed by another member of the UNH Women’s Studies faculty, Professor Robin Hackett, who posted on Facebook: “Time to call for an investigation leading to the expulsion of these students.” The attempt by faculty to suppress support for Trump on the UNH campus follows in the wake of complaints that university officials violated New Hampshire state law by supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Emails obtained by Wikileaks showed Michael Ettlinger, director of UNH’s Carsey School of Public Policy, contacted Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in March 2015 offering to be “helpful” to the Democrat’s campaign.

A UNH spokeswoman said the Facebook postings by the women’s studies program were inappropriate.
“UNH is troubled by the partisan nature of many social media posts by the women’s studies department. UNH encourages its students, faculty and staff to be engaged citizens but as a university we do not advocate for particular candidates or political parties. Those posts will be taken down,” said Erika Mantz, UNH director of media relations, on [Nov. 16]. . . .
The UNH women’s studies Facebook page was also used to urge people to attend UNH campus visits by Gov. and U.S. Sen.-elect Maggie Hassan, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Planned Parenthood national executive Cecile Richards and NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilye Hogue.

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