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Three Quick Thoughts

Posted on | January 12, 2017 | 1 Comment

My grandson will be here at 8 a.m., so I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get done Thursday, so here are three ideas to chew on:

1. The World Is Going Insane

Not only did Alabama lose the National Championship — how could that even be possible? — but the media’s anti-Trump jihad, which was never entirely rational, is getting crazier  as his inauguration draws near, and this is driving some people completely over the edge. CNN “reported” a story that might have been a 4chan hoax, and then CNN’s Jim Acosta started raving like a madman during Trump’s press conference. People who rely on the mainstream media are being fed a poisonous diet of Democrat propaganda based on a paranoid “Trump-is-Hitler” narrative, so that an respectable Republican senator, Jeff Sessions, gets treated like Eichmann merely because Trump appointed him to a Cabinet office. If veteran TV reporters and Democrat senators are coming unraveled because of this lunacy, can you even imagine what kind of insanity has gripped the dimwit 19-year-old Gender Studies majors who believe everything they read on Tumblr? Expect more incidents of bad craziness in the near future.

2. Never Do Online Dating — Ever

Speaking of Tumblr, some SJW feminist posted this: “Saying women have it easier in online dating is like being envious of someone whose fridge is filled with rotting food. Sure, they’ve probably got more meal options than you, but 90% of those options will make them puke.” Right — any halfway attractive woman can create a dating profile at Tinder or OKCupid and, in a matter of hours, attract lots of attention from the kind of dudes who use Tinder or OKCupid — i.e., desperate creeps. Last week, an NYPD captain infuriated feminists for what we deemed “dismissive” remarks about date rape. Beyond that controversy, however, were the facts. There had been an increase in reported rapes (13 in 2016, compared to 8 during the previous year) in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. And among them were these two cases:

  • On May 6, a New Jersey woman who met a man on Tinder went back to his house where he raped her without a condom. She called 911 but later refused medical attention and didn’t want to go to the hospital and didn’t give a description of her attacker, police said.
  • On June 4, a woman who met up with someone through a dating website had drinks with the man and then went back to his condo where she was hoping to sleep, police said. He forced her to have oral sex with him and raped her, police said. The woman later flew back to California where she was from, police said.

Question: In terms of crime prevention, what can cops do about cases like these? And the answer is, basically nothing. If you meet somebody through a dating site, you’re spinning the roulette wheel, and the more you play, the greater your chance of ending up with a dangerous psycho. A Florida woman hooked up with a guy from Arkansas she met online, which resulted in him allegedly branding her and forcing her into prostitution. Parents should warn their teenage and young adult children to stay away from online dating sites. If you’re a girl, online dating is obviously dangerous. If you’re a guy, online dating is evidence that you’re a desperate creep. Avoid it. Period.

3. It Could Always Be Worse

You’re in America. As crazy as it is, America is still better than anyplace else in the world. Mexico, for example. The peso is at an all-time low, and investors are pulling out of Mexico, with fears of Trump’s trade policy being cited as the cause for concern. As bad as Mexico is, Venezuela is worse. Venezuela’s president closed the country’s border with Colombia this week to prevent Venezuelans from escaping the country’s economic crisis.  People want to get out of places like that and get into America, but why can’t we prevent criminal scum from overrunning our borders? In California,  an illegal immigrant from El Salvador is on the run from police who say he raped a 5-year-old girl there. As bad as California is — and I wouldn’t live in that West Coast insane asylum if you paid me — it’s still a lot better than El Salvador, or Mexico, or Venezuela.

Whether or not President Trump can “make America great again,” at least we can hope he’ll keep America from become a Third World sewer.



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