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VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Florida Woman Branded, Forced into Prostitution

Posted on | January 11, 2017 | 2 Comments

In October, police in Ocala, Florida, arrested Ryan Poole on a domestic violence charge. Originally from Arkansas, Poole’s criminal record included drug possession. Poole had moved to Florida in 2015 after connecting with a woman online. He was arrested again last month:

A Marion County man is accused of forcing a woman into prostitution, promoting her on “sex websites” and taking all the money she was given during those encounters, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
Deputies said Ryan Poole, 32, exploited the female victim and forced her to perform acts of prostitution in Marion, Alachua, Orange, Hillsborough and Charlotte counties.
Detectives said Poole controlled the woman’s life for about a year.
“She was very much exploited and controlled in every way and he had that control over her,” said Lauren Lettelier, Marion County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. “And she was forced to do these things and perform these sexual acts because of his direction.”
The investigation leading to the arrest took five months.
Detectives said Poole met his victim through a social media website.
According to Poole’s arrest affidavit, Poole “took control of all her money, sold her, branded her with a tattoo, and forced her to call him ‘daddy’”.
The victim told detectives, according to the affidavit, she would “crawl to him and kiss his feet… she did “everything” for the defendant including cooking, cleaning, and household chores… she felt she was “held hostage” at her house.”
Detectives said Poole threatened the victim with violence.
A second woman was also solicited to perform “online sexual activities,” but she parted ways with Poole and the victim after one session, according to a news release.



More details from the Ocala Star Banner:

She said Poole came from Little Rock, Arkansas, to the Ocala area and they met online. She said they exchanged messages and met in The Villages in late July 2015.
The woman, who has children, said that, at the time, she was married but living apart from her husband. She said she dated Poole and they lived together from August 2015 to August 2016.
Not long after moving in together, the victim said, Poole demanded that she give him all her money from her jobs, including prostitution.
The prostitution began when Poole suggested she work as an exotic dancer since she wasn’t making much money. She alleges Poole sold marijuana and cocaine and had women working for him in Arkansas.
She said she was forced to follow rules and routines and was not allowed to look anyone in the eye.
She said Poole read her excerpts on “white slavery,” which she described as a “a black man pimps a white woman.” She said she was forbidden from having black clientele because Poole told her they would try to take her.

For some reason, feminists haven’t noticed this crime. Jessica Valenti is too busy ranting about Donald Trump’s press conference . . .



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