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Police Say ‘Furry’ Freaks Raped Boy

Posted on | January 30, 2017 | 2 Comments

Kenneth Fenske (left), David Barker (center) and Jeffrey Harvey (right).

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

They were called “furry parties,” according to police, gatherings where adult men would dress up as animals and occasionally fulfill sexual fantasies.
But on several occasions, according to court documents released Sunday, the strange fetish turned sinister when a Bucks County man allegedly took off his fox costume and raped a boy who was brought to the party and dressed as a tiger.
“This is a horrendous case,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a news conference announcing charges against Kenneth Fenske, 57, a Quakertown resident whose “furry name” was allegedly “Lupine.”
What’s more, Shapiro said that Fenske was part of a network of men who participated in the repeated abuse of the victim, now 14. Four others accused of belonging to the perverse group have been charged across Pennsylvania and in Virginia, Shapiro said, and prosecutors fear that there may be additional victims. The known victim is related to one of the men charged, officials said.
“This child victim was repeatedly abused over a seven- or eight-year period by a group of criminals who cared only about their gratification,” Shapiro said. “They cared nothing about this young boy.”
Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said: “You think you’ve heard it all on this job, and you never have.”
The boy has been safe since last summer when the first man in the alleged network, Jeffery Harvey, of Luzerne County, was arrested and led investigators to David R. Parker, of Monroe County, another alleged participant in the abuse, according to an affidavit of probable cause. . . .
The boy told an agent with the AG’s Office that Parker in 2009 took him a few times to Fenske’s house, in the 2700 block of North Old Bethlehem Pike. The boy said he played an Xbox game at the house, and that at times, Fenske would dress up in a furry red fox costume with “full long sleeves and pants, a zipper in the back, paw gloves, and a fox head with pointy ears.”
The boy said he was the only child present at the parties, and that he would “hang out dressed as Tony the Tiger.”
On three or four occasions, according to the affidavit, Fenske took the boy upstairs, where they both undressed and Fenske raped him. The boy said Parker would walk upstairs after the abuse and talk with Fenske, and the boy said he told Parker about it. . . .
Prosecutors arrested Harvey on June 28, after an agent lured him to what he thought was a meeting with a 13-year-old for sex. Harvey then told agents about Parker, who was arrested the next day, the affidavit says.
Two other alleged members of the criminal ring, Craig Knox and Stephen Taylor, were arrested in the fall in Virginia, prosecutors said. Knox is accused in court papers of abusing the boy in 2009 or 2010 at Parker’s encouragement. The court papers also say that Knox — who had a rottweiler costume and nine rottweiler dogs at his Henrico, Va., home — admitted having a years-long sexual attraction to young boys and dogs.

This is the trend that Matt Barber has called “Sexual Anarchy.” Encourage people to believe there is no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to sexual behavior, and very bad things inevitably happen.

If men want to “dress up as animals and occasionally fulfill sexual fantasies,” some people would say, there’s nothing wrong with that. This is the “emerging awareness” doctrine invoked by Justice Kennedy’s opinion in Lawrence v. Texas. However, shouldn’t we suspect — as a matter of common sense — that people who are into weird sexual fantasies might be a danger to others, including children?

Craig Knox (left) and Stephen Taylor (right).

Consider the story about the arrest of Knox and Taylor in November:

Craig Knox, 35, was living in the 2900 block of Kenwood Avenue when police executed a search warrant this week for child pornography and crimes against nature.
His roommate Stephen M. Taylor was also arrested and faces charges of bestiality and animal abuse in Henrico.
The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office says Knox, 35, was arraigned on the charges stemming from the alleged assaults that occurred in 2010 in Luzerne County. Prosecutors says Knox raped a 9-year-old boy after another man, David Parker, brought the child to Knox’s Pennsylvania home. The reports says both men sexually abused the child. . . .
A few days later, Henrico police arrested Taylor. According to a warrant, Taylor and Knox talked about having sexual contact with dogs. It says devices showed Taylor sexually abusing a dog and one of the eight Rottweilers at the home had serious injuries. Court documents say the alleged abuse by Taylor started three years ago.

Remember that anti-Trump protest leader Luke Kuhn admitted posting to a “Boychat” group in defense of pedophilia and child pornography. There are dangerous maniacs in the world:

“I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today . . .
It was absolutely fantastic. Murder gives me a high
unlike any other. . . . For now, I should explain why.
Other than the fact that I’m a homicidal psychopath.
I have a deep hatred towards people right now.”

Our civilization is teetering on the brink of the abyss. Meanwhile, celebrities are throwing tantrums about mere politics.



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