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Canada: Psycho Who Beheaded Man Does Not Pose ‘Significant Threat’ to Public

Posted on | February 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Canada: Psycho Who Beheaded Man Does Not Pose ‘Significant Threat’ to Public


In July 2008, 22-year-old Tim McLean Jr. boarded Greyhound Bus 1170 in Edmonton, Alberta, on his way back home to Winnipeg, Manitoba. He never made it, because six hours into the trip, another passenger boarded the bus: Weiguang “Vince” Li, a 40-year-old Chinese immigrant.

Li had immigrated from Beijing to Canada in 2001. Although he had studied computer science in China, Li’s inability to speak English meant he worked only in menial service jobs in Canada. He had been fired from his job at Wal-Mart four weeks before he boarded Greyhound Bus 1170, shortly before 7 p.m. July 30, 2008. About 8:30, Li murdered McLean:

According to witnesses, McLean was sleeping with his headphones on when the man sitting next to him suddenly produced a large knife and began stabbing McLean in the neck and chest. The bus driver pulled to the side of the road so that he and all the other passengers could exit the vehicle. The attacker then decapitated McLean and displayed his severed head to other passengers standing outside. The driver and two other men had attempted to rescue McLean but were chased away by Li, who slashed at them from behind the locked bus doors. Li then went back to McLean’s body and began severing other parts and consuming some of his victim’s flesh.

Psychiatrists said Li was suffering from schizophrenic delusions and, in a March 2009 verdict that shocked Canadians, Judge John Scurfield ruled that Li was “not criminally responsible” for McLean’s death. McLean’s father told reporters outside the courtroom:

“I have a fear knowing that he may get out one day. . . . My fear is that Vincent Li may get out and be released into the public one day, and I fear for the public. . . . This should not have happened.”

While being “treated” at a mental hospital, Li changed his name to Will Lee Baker. And now the psycho killer has been turned loose:

Vince Li, the man who was found not criminally responsible for beheading a man on a Greyhound bus in 2008, has been granted an absolute discharge.
The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board ordered the discharge on Friday, saying Li, now known as Will Lee Baker, does not pose a significant safety threat.
Baker was found to have been suffering from untreated schizophrenia when he stabbed, beheaded and partially cannibalized Tim McLean, 22.
McLean’s mother, Carol de Delley, a vocal critic of Canada’s not criminally responsible laws and who believes Baker should remain in custody for life, posted to Facebook on Friday that she has nothing to say about his discharge.
“I have no comment today. I have no words,” de Delley wrote.
Baker was found not criminally responsible in 2009 and spent seven years in treatment at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre before being allowed to move to Winnipeg, where he was treated at Health Sciences Centre.
Last year, he was permitted to move into independent living, but he had to abide by certain rules, which included taking medications and attending counselling appointments.
According to a 1999 ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada, a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn’t pose a significant threat to public safety.
The review board said it heard testimony from mental health professionals before concluding that the “weight of evidence” showed Baker is not a risk to the public. . . .

The Review Board “is of the opinion that the weight of evidence does not substantiate that Mr. Baker poses a significant threat to the safety of the public,” and I am of the opinion that every member of the Review Board is crazy and needs to be put into a mental institution.




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