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Democrat Commits Violence Against Women That Feminists Will Ignore

Posted on | February 16, 2017 | 1 Comment


You won’t see any feminist blogs discussing this story:

Embattled Louisiana State Senator Troy Brown has resigned from office he announced Thursday afternoon.
At Thursday’s announcement, Brown stated, “In both criminal manners, the judges issued a punishment that is commensurate to the offense. If we did a parallel for what the Senate body is doing on the criminal side, it amounts to an execution.”
The Louisiana Senate was set to meet next Monday for a hearing in which Senator Dan Claitor, a Republican from Baton Rouge, said he would call for Brown’s expulsion from the Senate due to Brown’s abuse against women.
Brown, a Democrat from Geismar, has pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges involving physical abuse against his wife and another woman.
Brown’s attorney, Jill Craft, appeared before a Senate committee Wednesday asking for various records to help defend her client who initially said he would fight expulsion. Craft argued that misdemeanor charges should not be a reason to expel a state senator.
“It’s not a question of a misdemeanor. It is a question of beating women multiple times,” said Sen. Claitor. . . .
Claitor said that during Monday’s expulsion hearing, he planning to play a recording of the 911 call Brown’s wife made to police to report the abuse. In the recording, Senator Brown can be heard cursing in the background. His son can also be heard in the background crying. . . .
Brown pleaded no contest in January to a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery, arising from allegations he bit his wife’s arm. He pleaded no contest in September to a misdemeanor simple battery charge stemming from allegations he punched a girlfriend.

Go ahead, ask Amanda Marcotte or Jessica Valenti when they’re going to write about Senator Brown. Feminists don’t actually care about “violence against women.” That’s just a partisan campaign slogan like “choice” and “equality” that feminists use to elect Democrats.

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