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Zaklog the Great Is Great Again

Posted on | February 20, 2017 | Comments Off on Zaklog the Great Is Great Again

After devoting so much time to the demented “Rain Lawless” — who is to feminist insanity what the Comstock Lode was to silver — I needed some relief. Fortunately, there is at least one sane person left on the planet, and he is known as Zaklog the Great:


Single mothers in America tend to vote heavily for Democrats. . . . Happily married women, on the other hand, tend to vote for Republicans, even more than single women without children. . . .
Now, how might this affect my decisions as a man? . . .
It’s clear: If you’re a man, and a conservative, find a good woman, marry her, and build her the best life you can.

You may remember Zaklog’s  argument for slut-shaming (“Because Sluts Should Be Ashamed”), and his argument here is likewise eminently sensible. Of course, trying to reconcile love with logic is always a challenge. How in the world did my wife fall in love with me? It was a miracle, an answer to prayer and, while no man could ever have a wife as good as my wife, if you want to marry a good woman, start praying now.

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