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#CPAC2017: Seen on the Scene

Posted on | February 23, 2017 | 2 Comments

‘The Official Trump Truck’ is, as the president would say, yuuuge.

CPAC is like family reunion for bloggers. When I went down to breakfast Thursday morning, the first person I saw was Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.


After breakfast, I went outside for a post-meal smoke, which was where I ran into “Joe the Plumber” Wertzelbacher.


Of course, CPAC is not all about guys with gray beards hanging out together. Thousands of college students as well as glamorous television personalities also like to hang out with guys with gray beards.


Jesse Waters of Fox News doesn’t have a gray beard yet. He’s only 38, which was how old I was when I left Georgia in 1997 and moved to D.C. to work as an assistant editor for The Washington Times. Considering that this is my 12th consecutive CPAC, I keep running into people who were College Republicans when I first met them at CPAC, but who are now doing serious work in the world of politics and government.





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