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#IWD2017: Teenage Girl Disfigured by Brutal Attack in North Carolina

Posted on | March 8, 2017 | 3 Comments

Priyanka Kumari before (left) and after (right) she was attacked in January.

Priyanka Kumari had just gotten off her school bus and was walking down her home in the Raleigh, N.C., suburb of Apex when a man attacked her with a machete. The man “stomped her by his feet and jumped on her body and then started to cut her throat and cut her head off,” her father, Pankaj Kumar, told the local ABC affiliate WTVD-TV.

Witnesses called 9-11. “He’s on top of her and he’s attacking her!” one caller said. “He’s going to kill her! My God!” said another.

Priyanka survived the attack, but suffered injuries so severe that her father did not recognize her when he visited her in the hospital. He said he is praying “my daughter will come back to normal one day.”


Neel Salil Mehta, 20, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted first-degree murder in connection with what police say was a premeditated attack. One neighbor said home surveillance video showed Mehta circling the block twice as he waited for the girl to return home from school. Some news accounts describe Priyanka as Mehta’s “ex-girlfriend,” but her father denied she dated the man:

Kumar said Mehta was obsessed with his daughter from the time they attended school together at Green Hope High School in Cary.
He said he had her transferred to Holly Springs High School at the end of 2015 to get away from Mehta, who he said was trying to force her to do drugs.
About a month before the attack, Kumar said Mehta started sending her threatening texts and messages on social media.

Police warrants say Mehta confessed that he planned the attack, using the Lyft ride-sharing application to get a ride to the girl’s neighborhood:

Warrants say “He has used both his real email and social media accounts as well as numerous fake accounts to reach out to her. He has also used free phone apps that allow text messaging from randomly assigned numbers to contact her.”
He used fake Instagram accounts and she took screen shots of recent messages sent from those accounts, as well as Snapchat, warrants revealed.
A review of screenshots reference him threatening to “come see” victim if she blocks that account and stating to her that “a restraining order won’t do (expletive).”

Mehta is being held on $2 million bond. For some reason, American feminists who claim to care about “violence against women” have said nothing about this brutal attack on a teenage girl in North Carolina.



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