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Pimp City, U.S.A.

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Convicted sex-trafficker Robert Banks III.

Robert “Pimpsy” Banks III is pimping no more:

North Park [Calif.] gang member convicted of participating in a racketeering conspiracy involving trafficking teenage girls, robbery and drug sales was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison.
Robert Banks III was found guilty at the end of a two-week trial in San Diego federal court last summer.
Twenty-four people were charged in the conspiracy.
The indictment targeted the BMS gang, or Black Mob and Skanless, two groups that don’t claim traditional gang affiliation but work together to make money, primarily in sex trafficking and drug sales.
Banks was an older mentor to younger members and had created a reputation for himself nationally as a pimp, even winning “Player of the Year” at a national convention that promotes the pimping lifestyle, prosecutors said. His nickname is “Pimpsy.”
Banks was convicted of working with others to traffic four 15- and 16-year-old girls, among other crimes. . . .
U.S. District Judge John Houston also ordered the forfeiture of all of Banks’ personal property, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota . . .


Darryl Taylor.

Darryl Taylor is no longer pursuing his career as a pimp:

A St. Paul man may likely spend decades in prison for prostituting women out of his St. Paul home, including a 17-year-old who was forced to have sex with more than 10 men a day.
Darryl Taylor was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in prison by Ramsey County District Judge Leonardo Castro on one count of promoting prostitution and two counts of engaging in sex trafficking, according to court records.
Taylor received 20 years on the first offense and four on each of the trafficking counts and will serve the terms consecutively. . . .
The 45-year-old was accused of posting hundreds of advertisements in the escort section of to promote the sexual services of three women. The three women temporarily lived at his home between the spring of 2015 and the spring of 2016. Taylor demanded they turn the money they earned over to him.
Prosecutors say he lured a 22-year-old into the sex-trafficking scheme after selling her heroin and saying he had more at his house. The 17-year-old had been living on the streets before Taylor’s then-girlfriend reportedly took her to their home. The third woman, a 33-year-old mother and former social worker, went to Taylor’s to party one night in the fall of 2015 and ended up working as a prostitute for six months. . . .
Once, when the then 23-year-old tried to leave, Taylor threatened her with a gun and choked her until she passed out, according to the criminal complaint filed against him. He bashed the 33-year-old woman’s head repeatedly against a window ledge when she said she wanted to stop. . . .
Taylor’s former girlfriend, Laqueshia Danekia-Kay’D Moran, was previously charged for her alleged role in the sex-trafficking operation as well. She was released from custody in February after a jury failed to reach a verdict in her case.

Lucrative opportunities in the sex trafficking industry attract ambitious young men eager to pursue pimping careers. Many would-be pimps learn their trade as apprentices of more experienced pimp mentors.

Duval Shabad Dubose (left) and Henry Edward Awan (right).

Two cheap motels in Richmond, Virginia, on West Broad Street near exit 183 off I-64, were the school where Duval Dubose taught pimp lessons:

Henrico prosecutors said Duval Shabad Dubose headed up a sex trafficking ring for months inside two motels on West Broad Street.
Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Feinmel said Dubose and another man pimped out two juveniles to feed a life of drugs and partying.
“The pimp is doing nothing, doing drugs, going out to clubs, partying taking advantage of these women who are doing all the work,” Feinmel said.
Feinmel said the other man, Henry Edward Awan, learned the ropes of the business from Dubose.
CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burnett talked to Awan in jail earlier this week after police arrested him on sex trafficking and prostitution charges.
Awan said he served as a pimp for his 17-year-old girlfriend so the couple could pay rent at a motel.
“We are homeless. I mean really homeless. We’ve stayed in a hotel a long time and we were trying to get money so my son doesn’t have to live out in the cold,” Awan said.
Feinmel said the pimps advertised the girls on and a number of adult men had sex with them. . . .
It is a felony to have sex with an underage girl so the investigation is ongoing as investigators try to track down the men who paid for sex.

If we add the two teenage girls pimped out in Richmond, to the teenage girl pimped out in Minnesota and the four teenage girls pimped out in California, these three cases involve seven girls ages 15 t0 17 who were sexually trafficked — just a few headlines from the past week. How many girls are pimped out annually in the United States? Certainly, there must be hundreds if not thousands of such victims. For some reason, however, feminists haven’t commented on these cases.

It’s almost as if there’s a pattern here, or something . . .



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