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Quote Of The Day

Posted on | March 26, 2017 | Comments Off on Quote Of The Day

by Smitty

Hayward at PowerLine nails it so hard that it’s going to move with a limp:

I think Trump is the first president since Lincoln who has received no “honeymoon” period in Washington as is typical for new presidents—and for the same reason as in 1861: Democrats have essentially seceded from the American people, and won’t accept the results of a national election.

I’d add that that secession happens in the broader context of the end of the an era. The old and busted Progressive toothpaste ship has squeezed her sails out of the horse barn tube, making way for the New Information Age Hotness. We no longer need seven bureaucrats chasing the work of three, cramming four days of (actual) work into a month, then balking at a FOIA request that would reveal their superfluousness.

I still can’t tell if Trump is actually going to reform much. ‘No’ is an exceedingly safe bet.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party can DIAF.

UPDATE: Scott Adams gets at my point in another way:

Social media is now the dominant force in politics. The people rule, but only when they have focus.


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