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Totalitarian Mobs Continue to Silence Dissent on University Campuses

Posted on | April 13, 2017 | Comments Off on Totalitarian Mobs Continue to Silence Dissent on University Campuses


The dangerous totalitarian thugs — it would be wrong to call them “students” — who attend Claremont McKenna College prevented anyone from entering the venue where author Heather Mac Donald gave a presentation last week about her book The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. One wonders why parents would pay $50,945 a year in tuition for their children to go to a school controlled by despicable scum who chant obscene slogans:

“We are here to shut down the f–king fascist,” announced an organizer to a crowd of around 100 students. The protesters subsequently marched to the Ath around 4:30 while chanting. An organizer shouted “How do you spell racist?” into a megaphone; the marchers responded “C-M-C.”
When they arrived, the protesters were greeted by around two dozen Campus Safety officers and Claremont police officers, stationed at various locations around the building. . . .
The protesters continued their chants, including “hey hey, ho ho, Heather Mac has got to go,” “shut it down,” and—most frequent and sustained—“black lives matter.” Some of the officers appeared visibly uncomfortable during chant of “from Oakland to Greece, f–k the police.”

The Claremont McKenna Forum reports:

Students filled spaces around Ath, blocking the front and back entrances. Nobody was allowed to enter the building, including students and professors who had signed up for the talk.

These were not “protesters,” but rather a criminal mob engaged in a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech. A student group had invited Heather Mac Donald to campus to give a speech, and the totalitarian thugs threatened violence to prevent that speech. When a mob is chanting “f–k the police,” and declaring their intention to “shut down the f–king fascist,” isn’t the threat of violence obvious?

Anyone who has read William F. Buckley Jr.’s God and Man at Yale knows that the target of his argument in the 1951 classic was the “superstition of academic freedom” that then prevailed among liberal intellectuals. Buckley demonstrated that “academic freedom” was nothing more than an excuse for the promotion of socialism and atheism on campus. It should have been obvious to any student of history that, if the socialists and atheists succeeded in gaining control of universities, they would deny “academic freedom” to those who opposed them. This is what we face in 21st-century America — a totalitarian regime of soi-disant “progressives” who arrogate to themselves the authority to exclude their opponents from university campuses. No criticism of The Cult of Social Justice is permitted at Claremont McKenna College, and a similar regime of left-wing intolerance is enforced on nearly all U.S. campuses. David Horowitz was recently prevented from speaking at the University of California’s Berkeley campus, which was once home to the “Free Speech Movement,” but which is now controlled by the advocates of anti-freedom.


Claremont McKenna’s campus police did nothing to restrain the fanatical anti-freedom mob that blockaded the venue where Heather Mac Donald was scheduled to speak, because the entire administration and faculty were complicit in the suppression of her speech. Claremont McKenna does not employ anyone who possesses courage or integrity. There are no responsible adults at this $50,945-a-year “college,” which is nothing but a playpen for brats who have no more interest in education than they do in patriotism, capitalism or Christianity. What are parents paying for when they send their children to Claremont McKenna? An expensive four-year vacation in Southern California supervised by atheist degenerates who teach the young dimwits how to be bullies and cowards:

The protesters released an anonymous statement on Facebook the afternoon of the talk accusing Mac Donald of holding anti-black, Islamophobic, and xenophobic views.
“As a community, we CANNOT and WILL NOT allow fascism to have a platform,” they wrote. “To protect the current police and prison system means that you are maintaining the racist system which constantly murders and dehumanizes people of color.”

This hate-filled screed was published anonymously, you see. What sort of values are these anarchists learning? Last fall, Claremont McKenna’s president and the dean of the faculty issued a statement:

Freedom of speech and diversity of opinion are foundational to the mission of the College. . . .
Our new Campus Resource Center is equally resolute in its commitment to inclusivity, openness, and pluralism. . . .
To benefit fully from the free exchange of challenging ideas, we must ensure that all people with different viewpoints, experiences, and analyses are included in our conversations. We protect the freedom of association as an individual and collective right. We reject exclusion and ad hominem attacks as barriers to learning. All of us —- students, faculty and staff -— must commit to high standards of civility, respect, and appreciation for differences.

While the administrators at Claremont McKenna espouse “diversity,” “inclusivity,” “pluralism” and “civility,” they don’t really mean it. They are dishonest cowards who lack the courage to do anything to protect the values they hypocritically claim to support. Despite their lack of sincerity and conviction, however, the gutless administrators at Claremont McKenna expect students to take their talk of “pluralism,” etc., seriously.

So, after the students/thugs succeeded in shutting down the venue where Heather Mac Donald was to speak, the dean issued an email:

What we face here is not an attempt to demonstrate, or to ask tough questions of our speaker, all of which are both protected and cherished on this campus, but rather to make it impossible for her to speak, for you to listen, and for all of us to debate. This we could not accept.
I fully understand that people have strong opinions and different — often painful — experiences with the issues Heather MacDonald discusses. I also understand that words can hurt. And in a world of unequal power, it is more often than not those who have a history of exclusion who are being hurt by words. I support everyone’s right to make this world a better one. Questions about policing, police brutality, crime, and race matter a lot to our society. Yet precisely because these issues are so important, we must be able to debate them, to acknowledge that there exist different analyses and life experiences about these matters, and to listen carefully to each other.

This is Neville Chamberlain at Munich, really. Abject surrender to the totalitarians, complete with a pandering endorsement of their warped and selfish worldview — “a world of unequal power,” blah blah blah.

How many oppressed victims of “unequal power” does one find at an elite private college where the annual tuition is $50,945 a year? Oh, but Daddy’s paying big money for his precious darling to have a four-year vacation at Claremont McKenna, so whatever the little snowflakes want, the administration is obliged to give them, including the flattery of telling them they want to “make this world a better one.” Right.

You want to see how well that works out in reality? Go to Pyongyang.

Or better yet, go to Chicago, where the Democrat-controlled city government is so corrupt and incompetent that they cannot even protect city judges from the murderous hoodlums who control the streets.

Did you know, by the way, that Claremont McKenna offers a “compassionate meditation program for ethnic minority students to learn how to heal from racism- and race-related incidents”? Yeah — no whites allowed, and never mind how much Daddy paid for your tuition, cracker. Gotta “make this world a better one” by giving special treatment to minority students, who are so obviously suffering “race-related” stress at this posh private school in sunny Southern California. Pandering to overprivileged punks is official policy at Claremont McKenna.

Here’s a summary of the situation from David Thompson:

You see, if you’re invited to speak on campus and you say things that challenge leftist prejudice, there’s a good chance you’ll need an armed police escort to protect you from the mob of budding intellectuals.

Claremont McKenna College is decadent and depraved. If your kid wants to go to school there, refuse to pay a cent of the tuition.



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