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@JonahNRO Quote Of The Day

Posted on | June 9, 2017 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

I’ll link it properly when it’s live on National Review:

Whataboutism is fine if you want to point out double standards. But the trick is to hold onto your standards while you do it. It is otherworldly to celebrate how Donald Trump doesn’t play by the rules while at the same denouncing anyone who doesn’t play by the rules in response. As I’ve written before, when the president of the United States ignores “democratic norms,” it is naïve to expect that everyone else will abide by them. And it is grotesquely hypocritical to defend Trump’s disdain for the rules while demonizing others for far lesser transgressions.

I paraphrased this radically as a haiku:

Trump’s overarching sin is that his “lies” lay bare the frivolousness of our politics:

We seem sick enough on all sides to go cold turkey on fowl leadership; but Trump doesn’t seem the leader to take us further than a soundbite.


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