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In The Mailbox: 08.10.17

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

First Street Journal: Shirking Responsibility
EBL: Snakes On A Plane – Clinton, Lynch, And Comey
Twitchy: Colion Noir Accused Of Being NRA’s “Token”, EPIC Backfire Ensues
Louder With Crowder: Socialist Utopia! Venezuela Inflation Hits 248%

Adam Piggott: You Want To Vote For Gay Marriage? What Are You, Crazy?
American Power: Thanks To Democrats, President Trump Facing An Increasingly Dangerous North Korea, also, Robert O’Connell, The Ghosts Of Cannae
American Thinker: Venezuela’s Chaos Is The Logical End Of Democrats’ Vision For America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Rhinoceros News
BattleSwarm: Governor Abbott Raises $41 Million, While His Democratic Opponent Owns A Gay Leather Bar
BLACKFIVE: Rhys Bowen, On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service
Bring The HEAT: News You Didn’t See
Da Tech Guy: Ten Two-Line Thoughts Under The Fedora, also, Report From Louisiana – Another New Orleans Deluge
Don Surber: Remember When Hillary Voters Were Racist?, also, Global Warming To Cause More Solar Eclipses
Dustbury: It’s More Than Just A Keyboard
Fred On Everything: Nuclear-Powered Cars, Al Gore, And More – A Broad-Spectrum Column
The Geller Report: Italian Citizens Fed Up With Muslim Migrants, also, Susan Rice Suggests Trump Tolerate Nuclear Norks
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of the Day, also, LOLSuit VIII News
Joe For America: Suddenly, California Liberals Want A Wall – To Keep The Homeless Away, also, Civil Rights Groups Plan Kaepernick Protest In NYC Because The NFL Is Racist
JustOneMinute: Was The DNC Hack An Inside Job?
Power Line: For Reporters, The Enemy Is Trump, Not North Korea, also, You Read It Here First – NYT Editors Deny Reading Their Own Newspaper
Shark Tank: Carlos Curbelo, The Great Moderate Hope For The GOP
Shot In The Dark: Blowback, also, If The Left Forgets history, Are We Condemned To Repeat It With Them?
STUMP: Cook County Soda Tax – The Current Mess
The Jawa Report: Another Day, Another Terrorist Attack In Eurabia, also, JihadTube Still Hosting Taliban
The Political Hat: Education Today – Ignorance, Wokeness, And Spanish-Language Pseudo-Bestiality
This Ain’t Hell: Zoya Bewildered By ACLU Survey – Please Help, also, WaPo Blames Reagan For Norks’ Nukes
Weasel Zippers: Obama Admin Knew About Nork Mini-Nukes In 2013 But Downplayed How Serious It Was, also, ICE Busts 32 Sex Offender Illegals In Sanctuary Area Of Long Island
Megan McArdle: Amazon Could Probably Conquer Drug Stores, Too
Mark Steyn: Pricing In The Nuking Of Cleveland, also, Hugs for Jihadis, Legal Hell For Those Who Oppose Them

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