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Democrats: The Atheist Anti-American Feminist Gun-Grabber Man-Hating Party

Posted on | August 29, 2017 | 1 Comment


Far be it from me to offer helpful advice to Democrats. The sooner the Democrat Party implodes from its internal contradictions, the better off America and the world will be, as far as I’m concerned. And so I probably shouldn’t point out that being the anti-Jesus party isn’t going to help the Democrats any more than their being the anti-capitalist party, or the anti-male party, or the anti-white party, or . . .


Shannon Watts a/k/a Shannon Troughton is a Democrat who started “Moms Demand Action,” an anti-Second Amendment group funded by New York multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg. She is a leading practitioner of the Democrat strategy of demonizing gun owners, using the propaganda slogan “Disarm Hate” to promote the idea that every gun owner is a sexist racist homophobe. In other words, Democrats advocate gun-control laws as a means of disarming white heterosexual males.


Obviously, this rhetoric didn’t help Hillary Clinton win over white working-class voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Iowa. It’s almost as if voters don’t enjoy being scapegoated or something. But having built an identity-politics coalition around paranoid hatred — blaming all the world’s woes on demonized “right-wing” scapegoats — the Democrats can’t seem to find any other arguments in the Trump era.

So today I noticed the #NashvilleStatement hashtag was trending on Twitter, and when I clicked over, I saw this:


Well, what was this about? A group of evangelical Christian leaders had issued a statement affirming that they still believe what they have always believed, and in particular rejecting the liberal demand for compulsory approval of homosexuality and transgenderism:

“The Nashville Statement is an urgently needed moment of gospel clarity,” stated [Coalition for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood] President Denny Burk. “In a culture nearly defined by sexual confusion and brokenness, the church of Jesus Christ has to proclaim with one voice that God’s good design for gender, marriage, and sexuality.” . . .
Top Evangelicals leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination representing over 47,000 Baptist churches across the United States, signed the statement.
Other major signatories include Anglican pastor and apologist Sam Alberry, popular author and pastor Francis Chan, Charisma Media’s founder and CEO, Steven Strang, and Asbury Theologian’s Visiting Distinguished Professor of Old Testament John N. Oswalt.

Question: What does this theological statement have to do with Shannon Watts’ pet issue of gun control?
Answer: Nothing at all.

Except, of course, she’s a Democrat, so she had to drag her lesbian daughter into the argument to tell us what we already knew, that Democrats aren’t just anti-Second Amendment, but also anti-First Amendment, seeking to prevent Christians from teaching what the Bible says. Democrats consider it “hate speech” to quote Genesis or Deuteronomy or Romans or any other passage of the Bible that could be cited by those who disapprove of homosexual behavior.

Democrats like Shannon Watts promote the idea that Bible-believing Christians are a greater threat to America than Koran-believing Muslims. Why? Because exit-poll data show that Bible-believing Christians tend to vote Republican, just like a majority of gun owners vote Republican, and most white people vote Republican. If you are a member of any demographic constituency that is aligned with the GOP, Democrats will find a way to demonize you as the epitome of evil, because scapegoating their enemies is what the Democrat Party is all about.

By the way, is anyone surprised that Shannon Watts’ daughter is gay? Aren’t Democrats now basically the anti-heterosexual party? America is still a free country, and you can say what you want, but they can take away my heterosexuality when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

Probably most Americans agree with me, but Democrats hate most Americans. They are fanatically devoted to hating us, and yet can’t seem to understand why we don’t vote for them. Let’s hope they never figure it out, because this is why Hillary Clinton is not president.




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