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Nation-Building President Ain’t Got Time For Backstabbery

Posted on | September 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Nation-Building President Ain’t Got Time For Backstabbery

by Smitty

Jazz Shaw over at HotAir is off the mark, methinks, with: “In three tweets, Trump undoes all the gains he made during Irma and Harvey

  1. Trump is showing loyalty to FEMA and military responders who are doing optimal work. If you want them to work above “adequate”, you don’t let your peoples’ efforts go under the bus, where Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz seeks to toss them.
  2. Listen to the San Juan mayor’s sound bite over at HotAir, which could lead you to believe that Trump is to Puerto Rico as Obama was to Tennessee flood victims. Is that actually the case? What an imbalanced, straight-to-Narrative little screed.   San Juan should vote her out at the next election, so that she can get a job making beds in a large hotel, where a tucking fool can feel right at home.
  3. This is the President who not only grasps the media chess match, but doesn’t hesitate to put the opponent in check. We voted for him both out of dread of Her Majesty, and the expectation of non-flaccid response to this sort of blatant Commie propaganda. Trump’s response is tame, in context.
  4. Unlike Irma and Harvey, the Puerto Rico situation is “over there”, and less subject to feedback from people on the ground acting as a check on the Commie media pulling #FakeNews from its nethers. The media is purely tactical. It seeks to hit hard, hit now, and then shrug later, when the truth gets out.

Once again, we’re seeing Trump getting the job substantially done, and a bunch of concern trolling over he stylistic aspects of how that job gets done.

If anything, Trump has demonstrated an almost immaculate capacity to gauge how to handle feedback from the media. The claim that he’s “undone gains” seems overblown.

Update: more at Rare.


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