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BOOM! Anti-#GamerGate ‘Male Feminist’ @Sam_Kriss Accused of Sexual Assault

Posted on | October 19, 2017 | 2 Comments


Anti-GamerGate Journalist for Vice,
Guardian Fired for Sexual Harassment

One Angry Gamer

VICE Journalist Commits Career Suicide Following
Sexual Harassment And Assault Allegations

Ian Miles Cheong, Daily Caller

Breitbart-Hating Writer Who Ranted
Against ‘Misogynists’ Forced
to Apologise for Sexual Harassment

Virginia Hale, Breitbart


Live by the “social justice,” die by the “social justice”:

A prominent backbench Labour MP has called on a freelance journalist accused of sexual harassment to be sent to prison.
Jess Phillips, the MP for Birmingham Yardley, said that Sam Kriss, a writer for publications including Vice and The Atlantic, should be punished after he admitted to his “unacceptable behaviour”.
Kriss was the subject of a lengthy post published on Facebook, where a woman recounted how he had repeatedly groped her while they were on a date.
After Sam Kriss began trending on Twitter, he issued a statement attempting to explain his behaviour but Ms Phillips dismissed his “backhanded apology”.
She wrote on Twitter: “I didn’t know who Sam Kriss was before today but his admission of sexual assault means he belongs in prison, a casual backhanded apology is not a thing.”

As I remarked after Rose McGowan went thermonuclear last week, “the bonfire begun by the Weinstein scandal won’t end in Hollywood.”

The woman who accused Kriss wrote: “Sam and I know lots of mutual people, we both exist on the Marxist far-Left . . . Sam is, by his own words, from an incredibly wealthy, well-connected background, and therefore compared to me, very powerful.” An “incredibly wealthy” Marxist? Why does the Left attract so many spoiled brats like that? Also, why does the Left attract women so bad at making logical inferences?

In our society women are not thought to have sexual autonomy, or deserving of choices, bar those men give them. We have a choice of how to react to boundary-breaking men, who believe domination and subservience is the natural way of social relations between men and women.

She makes the behavior of Sam Kriss the basis of a critique of “domination and subservience” which she blames on “our society.” Whose society is she talking about? The Marxist far-Left? She’s surprised that a man who worships totalitarian mass-murderers doesn’t respect women? Like the rapes in the “Occupy” encampments, disregard for the “sexual autonomy” of women goes hand-in-hand with the Left’s contempt for private property and “bourgeois morality.” The Left has always attracted degenerate scum (e.g., Lavrenti Beria, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner) which is why smart women avoid associating with the Left.



Like other “male feminists,” Sam Kriss mocked #GamerGate as a movement of nerds, misogynists and racists. There is a long list of these anti-#GamerGate guys who have been exposed as creeps, hypocrites and/or criminals: Matt Hickey, Devin Faraci, Sunil Patel, Robert Marmolejo, Glenn Fleishman, Jamie Kilstein, Juan Thompson, Christopher Goldberg, Stuart Campbell, Andy Signore . . .

You can add Sam Kriss’s name to the list. He’s been dumped by BuzzFeed, and his journalism career is probably over. Also, in all likelihood, no woman will ever voluntarily have sex with him again.

Once an SJW loses his “male feminist” card, he’s utterly doomed.



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