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Hollywood Burning: Rose McGowan Goes Nuclear on Amazon/Weinstein Link

Posted on | October 12, 2017 | 1 Comment



We’re at DefCon One now:

Rose McGowan is claiming that Amazon optioned a television series from her only to kill it while still in development after she voiced her concern about a possible move the company was making to bailout ‘Weinstein.’
‘I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof,’ said McGowan on Thursday in a tweet directed at company founder Jeff Bezos.
‘I had already sold a script I wrote to your studio, it was in development. When I heard a Weinstein bailout was in the works.’
She then added: ‘I forcefully begged studio head to do the right thing. I was ignored. Deal was done. Amazon won a dirty Oscar.’
‘HW’ is apparently a reference to Harvey Weinstein, whose representative Sallie Hofmeister has said that he client ‘unequivocally denies … any allegations of non-consensual contact.’
An hour after she posted her tweets, Amazon got hit with sexual harassment allegations of their own after an employee said in an interview that Roy Price made unwanted sexual advances towards her at a work event.
‘You will like my dick,’ Price allegedly told his lesbian co-worker just hours after meeting her for the first time.
Amazon did not respond to repeated requests for comment, but Price was put on leave by the company on Thursday.

You can read the Price story at The Hollywood Reporter. The reference to a “dirty Oscar” was in regard to Casey Affleck’s Best Actor award for Manchester by the Sea. Two women have accused Affleck of sexual harassment. Is every man in Hollywood a harasser?

This seems strange, really. Think of being a powerful, big-money guy in a business that is a magnet for good-looking women. There should be no shortage of consensual opportunities for a guy like that, so what’s up with the crude approaches and outright assault? Are these guys just egomaniacs with an insatiable need for gratification? What is the key word in the phrase “unwanted sexual advances”? Unwanted.

OK, so how can a guy know if his “sexual advance” is unwanted, prior to the moment he actually makes the advance? This is an obvious problem, and the only way to avoid it is either (a) never to make any “sexual advances” at all, or (b) to make your opening move in an innocuous manner. That is to say, you don’t begin by making a crudely sexual remark — as Roy Price is accused of doing — nor do you corner a woman in a hotel room, grab her and demand sexual favors, which is the alleged modus operandi of Harvey Weinstein. It makes no sense.

Meanwhile, Tippi Hedren — who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic The Birds — says she turned down Hitchcock’s advances and he made good on his threat to “ruin” her career in Hollywood.

It’s difficult to imagine Alfred Hitchcock as a sexual predator, but who knows? True or not, what’s the point of making such an accusation against a guy after he’s been dead for 37 years? This is just sad.

Yet the bonfire begun by the Weinstein scandal won’t end in Hollywood — there are now email lists circulating of alleged sexual predators in the news media. This won’t end until they burn it all down.



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