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Violence Against Women Update: Pimp Kidnapped, Raped Girls as Young as 12

Posted on | November 22, 2017 | Comments Off on Violence Against Women Update: Pimp Kidnapped, Raped Girls as Young as 12


News from California:

Fifteen years ago, Louis Ray Coleman took a 13-year-old off the streets and forced her to live in his basement for years, while she earned money for him through sexual servitude.
Even more shocking, Coleman, was caught red-handed in 2002 and charged with false imprisonment and pimping a minor less than 16 years old, yet only served 71 days on a probation violation, according to testimony in a kidnapping trial last month.
After jail, he found the young girl — known to the world only as Jane Doe — and she returned to his basement, where she lived out her teenage years. It wasn’t until this year and several victims later, that Doe would get the chance to face her exploiter in court. . . .
Before 2016, Coleman was caught at least four times sexually abusing or kidnapping minors as young as 12 for sex trafficking. His longest sentence was two years, and his most lenient was probation. Every time he was released, he found a new victim.
But now, Coleman is facing life in prison after being convicted of dozens of felonies related to two separate kidnappings in 2016. The victims were an adult and a 12-year-old girl . . .
In June 2016, Coleman kidnapped a woman who was new to the area, after she got lost near a BART station. After she eventually escaped from him, he kidnapped a 12-year-old who’d run away from a group home, and raped her repeatedly while forcing her to ingest meth.

This is the latest entry in our Violence Against Women series, highlighting crimes that feminists never mention, for some reason.

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