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75% Approval: President Trump Triumphs in His First State of the Union Speech

Posted on | January 31, 2018 | Comments Off on 75% Approval: President Trump Triumphs in His First State of the Union Speech


Even the Democrat-controlled media can’t deny it:

Three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave. Just a quarter disapproved.
Eight in 10 Americans who watched tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it. Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer. Fewer said the speech made them feel angry or scared. . . .
Nine in 10 Republicans said the speech made them feel proud, while just over half of Democrats said it made them feel angry. Independents who watched the speech — nearly half of whom counted themselves the President’s supporters — tended to approve of the speech, and said it made them feel proud.

John Sexton at Hot Air writes:

The line of the night came at the end of Trump’s defense of an America First approach. After introducing two families whose teen daughters were killed by MS-13 gang members, Trump said he was proud America was a leader in helping people in need around the world but added, “As President of the United States my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, my constant concern is for America’s children, America’s struggling workers, and America’s forgotten communities.” He continued, “I want our youth to grow up to achieve great things. I want our poor to have their chance to rise. So tonight I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion, and creed.
“My duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and their right to the American dream because Americans are dreamers too.”

Americans are dreamers, but Democrats were having their worst nightmare. Nancy Pelosi spent the night glum-faced, evidently fidgeting with her dentures, and one Democrat, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, walked out of the speech when Republicans began chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”

The official Democrat response to Trump’s speech was given by Joe Kennedy III, whose personal wealth is estimated at more than $15 million, complaining about economic inequality and “privilege.” Also, he threw in a #MeToo reference — without any sense of irony.

Democrats are off-balance and out of touch. The voters they lost in 2016 — the ones who got nothing from eight years of Obama, and would have gotten nothing from Hillary — aren’t going to be persuaded by class warfare and identity politics arguments to vote Democrat again. If the Republican Party establishment will wake up, and stop trying to “distance” itself from President Trump, his popular policy agenda offers the GOP a chance to build a governing majority.

UPDATE: Da Tech Guy describes the contrast: “90 minutes of optimism from Donald Trump” followed by “pessimism pessimism pessimism from Joe Kennedy.” He also noticed that CNN wasted no time in returning to its “Russian collusion” conspiracy theories.



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