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JP Isn’t JC & The Critics Aren’t Pharisees

Posted on | February 10, 2018 | Comments Off on JP Isn’t JC & The Critics Aren’t Pharisees

by Smitty

As was the case a couple thousand years back, the Establishment isn’t keen on being disrupted.

Many of Peterson’s haters on the right have been toiling in the fields these long years, equally worried about, writing about, the treatment of men, especially young men; about the erosion of freedoms, etc.
Where, they are wondering, are their rewards? So they are bitter. It’s a feeling I’m familiar with.
But if they can’t be happy for Peterson, they also don’t seem capable of summoning up any happiness for the others they claimed to care about all this time — our young men and women being brainwashed, who have finally found someone to deprogram them.
So we see that these critics on the right were never really concerned with real change all along, since their attitude towards its advent is so negative.

If we’re going to be humble and serve the Truth, we have to relax and support other people doing the same. We can offer constructive criticism on matters of substance, and quietly endure matters of style that differ from our own approach.
I, for one, think Peterson needs a voice coach in a bad way. But I’m too busy cheering his courage to crucify him on the point.

via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit


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