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Dopehead Sex Fiends

Posted on | March 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Dopehead Sex Fiends


It was notorious among dopeheads, back in the day, that chicks always got free dope. At least, good-looking chicks did. Maybe ugly chicks paid for dope, but a good-looking chick? Never. In hindsight, we can understand the transactional nature of why chicks didn’t pay for dope, and say that they actually did pay for it, in services rendered, but it was the ’70s, man. There was no shortage of casual sex in the ’70s. AIDS hadn’t happened yet, herpes was still rare, and everybody was gettin’ it on. If the prevalent free-dope-for-chicks policy of that era could be viewed as a market exchange of goods and services, few dopeheads at the time bothered thinking about it. In the Golden Age of drugs, sex and rock-and-roll, dopeheads generally never bothered thinking at all.

That era ended long ago, but apparently some dopeheads never got the news. Last month, the board of directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association voted to remove Rob Kampia from the board:

“NCIA’s Board of Directors voted to remove Rob Kampia in accordance with our bylaws after an ethics committee review surfaced a pattern of behavior unbecoming of a board member,” Aaron Smith, executive director of the NCIA, wrote in an email to MJBizDaily. . . .
Former board member Kayvan Khalatbari had filed an ethics complaint with the NCIA regarding sexual misconduct allegations against Kampia. Kampia has denied those allegations.

Last December, Kampia left the Marijuana Policy Project:

Kampia’s departure from MPP comes as several sources tell Marijuana Moment that a major newspaper is working on a story about previously unreported allegations against the former executive director. It is unknown when that article will be published, but its existence has been an open secret in cannabis reform circles for weeks.

In 2010, Washington City Paper published a lengthy article about Kampia’s alleged habit of sleeping with employees at MPP, and the article included the detail that Kampia had a “purple Columbia Heights mansion with a rooftop hot tub.” Because what’s the point of having a purple mansion, if you don’t also have a rooftop hot tub, right? And if you’re the executive director of the dope lobby? Well, chicks never pay for dope.

Was it a scandal that Rob Kampia allegedly slept with a 19-year-old intern? He was the head of an organization devoted to legalizing dope, after all, and if a 19-year-old intern for such an organization didn’t understand what she was signing up for, whose fault is that?

In the aftermath of the 2010 revelations, Kampia announced he was taking a three-month medical leave from the Marijuana Policy Project, “to get therapy for his attitudes toward women.” He told the Washington Post‘s Reliable Sources column: “I just think I’m hypersexualized.”

He’s a dopehead sex fiend, just like we were warned about in those old anti-dope propaganda movies like Marihuana: Assassin of Youth.

Rob Kampia probably drinks gin and dances to jazz music, too.

It’s rather amusing to see officials of the dope lobby filing ethics complaints and talking about “sexual misconduct” by one of their associates, as if they were shocked — shocked! — to discover that the Devil’s Weed turns people into degenerate sex fiends.

All those old anti-dope movies were right. Trust me, I survived the ’70s. While I insist on my Miranda-warning right to remain silent — anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law — nobody can convince me there is no such thing as a dopehead sex fiend. So please excuse my cynical laughter at the dope lobby, which suddenly developed concerns about “ethics” and “sexual misconduct” in the #MeToo era.

In other not-exactly-shocking news, Donald Trump banged a porn star.

Republican voters are shocked — shocked! — by this revelation, I’m sure.



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