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Get Woke, Go Broke: #MeToo Movement Seeks to Destroy Black Texas Professor

Posted on | April 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Get Woke, Go Broke: #MeToo Movement Seeks to Destroy Black Texas Professor


To be “woke,” in the lingo of social-justice warriors (SJWs), is to be conscious of the various oppressions and privileges of “intersectionality.” When corporations embrace the SJW worldview, they lose money, thus inspiring the classic Instapundit headline “Get Woke, Go Broke” (referencing the NFL’s decline in the Colin Kaepernick era).

Academia is usually immune to the consumer market influences that make “Get Woke, Go Broke” happen, but the dangers of embracing SJW values are not negligible, even on university campuses. Case in point, University of Texas assistant professor Robert Reece.

It would be difficult to imagine a more “woke” faculty member than a black sociology professor who writes for the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who got his Ph.D. at Duke for a dissertation entitled “Legacies of Slavery: An Analysis of the Dimensions of Slavery’s Post-Emancipation Effects,” who has published such research as “Sex as Subversion: The Ethnosexual Protestor and the Ethnosexual Defender,” and who taught a course called “Masculinities in America” devoted to “topics like trans men, female masculinity, men’s place in feminist discourse, and, finally, sexual violence, assault, and consent.” As my friend Matthew Vadum observes, “Reece checks so many politically correct boxes that he’d normally be immune from criticism.”

Ah, but it’s 2018, and nobody is immune to criticism. Lie down with SJWs, wake up with Antifa demanding your resignation:

Late last month, a group of students at the University of Texas (UT) called for “revolutionary violence” against a black feminist professor who has been accused of rape. While he admitted to being “coercive” in sexual situations in the past, he also said he had gone to counseling and apologized to the woman many times. . . .
The Revolutionary Student Front (RSF) quoted professor Robert L. Reece, who wrote in a story for Vox that “the search for the type of sustainable solutions and cultural changes necessary to ensure the safety and pleasure of intimate encounters remains elusive.” The RSF, which proudly displays the Communist hammer and sickle in its logo, took matters into its own hands.
“Change is not elusive to us. Reactionary violence, like rape and domestic abuse and torture, can only be responded to with revolutionary violence,” the RSF declared. “We are inspired by women across the world from revolutionary moments who have turned on abusive husbands and serial rapists, reclaiming violence and wielding it against their oppressors.” . . .
“In a capitalistic system, men will always be granted some ownership over women and will feel entitled to much more,” the RSF added. “A feminist movement for working women must be created, one that intends to topple not only patriarchy, but capitalism imperialism as well.”
The RSF insisted on “revolutionary violence” against Reece because he has been accused of sexual “coercion” against a few women. When Reece’s Vox story went live, one of his former girlfriends, Jazmine M. Walker, a Washington, D.C. abortion activist . . . came out with allegations against him.
Walker posted allegations on Twitter, saying she and Reece were in an emotionally unhealthy relationship as graduate students in sociology at the University of Mississippi six years ago. According to Walker, Reece was chronically unfaithful and lied about it, but when she slept with someone else, he responded with aggressive sex. . . .
Since Walker made her allegations, she said “multiple” other women have reached out to her to say that Reece mistreated them as well. She posted screenshots of allegations from an anonymous accuser who claimed Reece pressured her into having sex, filming it, and agreeing to allow other “womxn” to take part.


Reece’s career is clearly in jeopardy:

Walker has tweeted, tagging the university’s official Twitter account, to say that Reece is a potential safety risk to the Texas community. She said she’s received no response thus far. J. B. Bird, university spokesperson, said via email that Texas “takes all accusations of sexual misconduct seriously and follows up on accusations through its Title IX office and the Office of Inclusion and Equity, following established procedures, as it will do in this case. Sexual harassment or violence in any form is unacceptable and in contradiction of our core values.”
Walker said some of what she’s heard about Reece from other women since tweeting about week allegedly involves his time at Texas.

Reece only joined the UT faculty last August, so he doesn’t have tenure protection and, in the current #MeTo climate, he’s likely to be unemployed very soon. “Get Woke, Go Broke,” indeed!



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