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Posted on | April 20, 2018 | Comments Off on STOP LAUGHING AND CALL THE COPS

Thursday, I blogged about what I called “Tumblrina SJW Trauma Drama” — a feminist Tumblr blogger in Florida trying to raise money to leave her abusive lesbian girlfriend. As a point-and-laugh example of feminist failure, this seemed to me instructive, but then she posted this:

So tonight things got a lot worse when I tried to break up with her. She came after me and hit me, punched me, and bit me and pretty much everything you can think of happened. I was trying to be civil and again it didn’t work. I had to leave and go to an old coworkers place who said I can stay for a couple of days. Other than that I have nothing. I couldn’t grab my clothes or any of my possessions and idk what she’s gonna do to them. Im begging you guys as pathetic as this is rn I need help I’m trying Togo to a women’s shelter or something after this but I pretty much just lost everything. If you guys can just reblog and help spread the word on this I’d really appreciate it.

Her post includes photos showing her injuries. You can decide whether you want to contribute. While I’m sure my conservative readers don’t want to enable a feminist Tumblrina, on the other hand we don’t want anyone to suffer criminal violence. If you live in Palm Beach County, Florida, or know someone who does, please ask them to call the police and bring this situation to their attention. There must be local protective services available to help Ms. Gomez escape her abuser.

UPDATE: Damn it, I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Next time some feminist starts bleating about “violence against women,” though, remind me to ask her what she gave to help Thalia.



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