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Deranged Stalker: ‘When You’re Finding Love, Not Everything Is Perfect’

Posted on | May 13, 2018 | Comments Off on Deranged Stalker: ‘When You’re Finding Love, Not Everything Is Perfect’


Just yesterday, I warned (again) that online dating is a bad idea. How bad is it? On “an online dating service for millionaire matchmaking,” according to KPHO-TV in Phoenix, a guy met this nightmare:

A woman accused of sending a Paradise Valley, Arizona man 65,000 text messages tried to explain her actions in a jailhouse news conference, reports CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV. “I love him,” she said Thursday.
Thirty-one-year-old Jacqueline Claire Ades, of Phoenix, told reporters she met the victim through an online dating service and went out on three dates with him. Police say after the first one, she began sending him thousands of texts, breaking into his home, and showing up at his workplace claiming to be his wife.
“I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine,” Ades said. . . .
“When you’re finding love, not everything is perfect. This was a journey, and I want to apologize because nobody could never be more sorry.”
Ades said she never intended to hurt or scare the victim and she doesn’t blame him for her incarceration.
“No! I love him!” she exclaimed. . . .
Police say some of the messages Ades sent the victim were threatening.
Among them:
“Don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you… I don’t wanna be a murderer!”
“I hope you die… you rotten filthy Jew.”
“I’m like the new Hitler… man was a genius.” . . .
During the interview, Ades would answer a question or two, then deflect the next one.
She veered from topic to topic, rambling about Einstein, the Dead Sea, the birth chart of Jesus and the symbolism of the markings on a dollar bill.
At one point, she told a reporter, “I don’t want to talk about that. You have negative energy.”
Ades was asked directly, “Are you crazy?”
“No,” she replied. “I am the person that [sic] discovered love.”

While I am not qualified to offer a psychiatric diagnosis, we might colloquially say that she is deranged, demented, wacky, berserk, off her rocker, a few fries short of a Happy Meal and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

How many psychotics are on online dating sites? All of them, maybe, and every time you “swipe right,” you’re rolling the dice. You never know what kind of lunatic could show up for that date. If she starts jabbering about Einstein, astrology and occult symbolism? Run for your life.

Remember: Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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